Pros and cons of studio apartments

24.10.2010 09:08
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of studio apartments Stand in the doorway of his apartment and look at it as if for the first time, through the eyes of the guest. Ask yourself the following questions:

* Note whether the mess? If you notice, the chi is not flowing smoothly through the apartment, which can adversely affect your affairs and health. Find things to each place.
* Even if the apartment is small, it creates a feeling of spaciousness? Possible by means of mirrors, symbolically double the amount of living space. Especially important to have free space around the bed and desk.

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* Is there enough light - especially near the door - to attract chi? Most of the Chi enters the apartment through the main entrance, and this part of the apartment should be particularly well lit in order to attract energy and give your abode warm and friendly look.
* Is your apartment darkest of dark corners? Energy stagnates in dark places. Hang crystals add light to attract positive chi here.
* Do you feel relieved, went into his apartment? Your apartment - your home, a place where you should feel free and easy. Closing the door, you can leave all the worries over the threshold. If you do not feel this should take all measures to improve the feng shui apartment and feel it is really like at home.
* Nice if you colors? Ideally, flat color should match your entry. You never, for example, do not feel at home in an apartment with blue wallpaper (water color), if your element - fire.
* Exhibited there somewhere in a conspicuous place items that reflect your interests? Your hobbies, items, hand made, pictures and posters, etc.
* Can my front door to your bed and from the place where you usually sit? After all, you are familiar with the phrase "stab in the back." Sitting with his back to the door, you are symbolically vulnerable, even if you live alone in a small apartment. You subconsciously feel more confident when you can see the front door.
Do not attack the ball if your door and windows? Neutralize existing Sha Feng Shui tools. The most effective of these tools - the mirror ba-gua, in addition, we can use crystals or wind chimes.
* Whether to activate the flat zone, corresponding to those areas of life in which you want to succeed? If you want to learn more about any subject, put anything that has to do with it, in the area of knowledge. If you want to find a mate, put some symbol of love relationships in the area of marriage. Add a light in areas that particularly interest you. Keep them clean and tidy.

As you can see, studio apartment is brought into conformity with the principles of Feng Shui in the same way as a large apartment or house. The only difference is that for different activities should be done within individual rooms and areas of a room. The size of the apartment does not affect the health, material and spiritual welfare. If you properly organize your belongings and space, even the tiniest apartment becomes a haven that gives you everything you want.
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