Pros and cons of non-standard flats

22.03.2011 07:45
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of non-standard flats In recent years, the housing market increasingly appears quite unusual, and sometimes altogether unusual apartments. Moreover, such a "product" - not the result of an ambitious redevelopment, when from one place to another extended walls, windows, utility rooms. Unusual results from the rich imagination of its owner.

Necessity is the mother of invention?

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For example, a comfortable modern apartment into a house a la sovetik ": the walls of residential and non-residential buildings crumble green or beige paint, flooring - Brown, is wanted and installed plumbing issue 60-70-ies. And all because some homeowners are still nostalgic for the Soviet past.

Quite uncharacteristically may look flat athlete, hunter, fisherman, summer residents, without any replanning converted into a museum, a hunting cabin or in a cottage porch. Realtors company NDV estate "remembers one avid hunter, who suddenly decided to sell his spacious three-room apartment of 116 square. m Brateevskoy street and move to a country house.

It turns out that favorite hobby is reflected in the interior. All the walls were covered with clapboard. Floor and ceiling are also finished in wood. Instead of carpets - animal skins on the walls - the head of wild animals who have been at one time trophies. Despite the striking imagination of any unprepared person design, apartment still managed to sell.

Something similar in style and degree of impact of the proposed lease in the metro station "Oktyabrskaya". "When Realtors saw this" odnushku ", then immediately called it" fur ", - says Alexander Zima, director of real estate sales company Penny Lane Realty. - Everything in it: toilets, washing machine, tables and chairs, sofas and chairs - it was sheathed and plastered skins of animals. And her boss insisted that he picked up a tenant who would be carefully treated to the interior, and even lowered the price for the lease of up to 35 thousand rubles. per month, for the central regions of relatively inexpensive. "

But the peak of "unusual", according to experts' NDV-Nedvizhimoct, was flat on the highway enthusiasts, the only room which was divided into a brick wall into two parts. While viewing the object turned out that my sister, who wished to change a "odnushku" two for a fee, had a rather strained relationship with his brother, who did not fail to build a wall and thus dissociate itself from a close relative. Of course, the apartment was able to sell only after the notorious wall was demolished.

Some apartments are allocated among the "tipovushek" original colors. As an example, a two-room "emo-flat", where the walls in one room were painted a dark purple, and another - in black.

Other owners of the capital's housing with a creative streak unconventional approach to the choice of materials. So, once the sale was put on the apartment in which all doors were glass, but not brushed, and made of transparent glass, including ... the door to the bathroom.

"Once the sale - recalls a similar case Shlenov Alex, CEO of MIEL-Brokerage - offer one-bedroom apartment zoo, which, in addition to the family lived two parrots, monkeys, dogs and cats, while the loggia was equipped with an original paddock for ponies. There are currently offered for sale unique apartment on Tverskaya Street. According to the documents of its total area of only 19 "squares." But there it was. The owner, as they say, out of nowhere was able to increase its half. Due to the high ceilings of shared accommodation across and found the stairs to the second floor. "

There are also apartments in which any particular style dominates, resulting in home becomes like a museum or a store gift items. For example, a passionate traveler turned residential meters in the museum halls. One room was devoted to the African continent: masks on the walls, carpets and textiles, numerous photographs, stuffed animals and birds. Each piece of furniture and furnishings of the other two rooms were devoted to India and China.

youth against a brick wall "in a pre-Revolutionary house on Pokrovsky Boulevard has an apartment where the walls are exposed, - says Natalya Rakov, CEO of the agency other than real estate Great reality. - They do not have any wallpaper or paint. Only the red brick. Apartment looks pretty original, and of course, this style has the right to life. While not every new owner, who bought a house, want to live in such a kind of interior, so naturally, in the first place will overhaul.

By the way, is not excluded that part of the original dwelling Americans give a head start to our compatriots. For example, in North Carolina was built a house out of hemp, which cost $ 29 million Again, the Americans are going to spend $ 1 billion for the construction of ship Utopia, where all the cabins will be given for residential purposes. Half of them to be sold and the rest will be leased.

To find a buyer

Not all experts believe eccentricity improvement in substandard housing types, considering such acts more as a process of transformation "killed" in the original apartment. Or perhaps the owners of atypical housing to fanaticism passionate hobby or gathering. It is also possible that the "nonstandard" spodvigli their poor living conditions. "I would say that it is an opportunity to express themselves - to express their point of view, Alla Vishnevskaya, the head office" University "holding company" MIEL. - What is really there to hide, now the inheritance of an absolute majority - a model housing offering a tedious and sometimes unsuccessful planning decisions, uniformity in the finish. But anyone want to give my apartment a bit of individuality and uniqueness, discover your creative potential. "

Indeed, the Russians have already cash in communal communication with worn and gloomy wallpaper. And now trying to turn his house into a comfortable and, if possible, a comfortable castle. So the claim that the most unusual apartments belong to the upper price segment, is not always true. Pretty original may be one-and two-bedroom apartment in the typical panel homes.

Another question that realtors are reluctant to take up the sale of apartments with unusual "chips". "Often - explains Natalia Rakov - finishing rooms booked expensive materials, invited foreign designers and famous artists. But when the moment of parting with the "museum" or "den", its owner, naturally, will try to compensate for the funds invested by non-standard finish housing, thereby overstating the price. Such an "exclusive" sometimes increases the cost of a meter on the $ 3-5 thousand is especially difficult to sell the house, when some unusual delicacies form a unified ensemble. For example, in a bathroom installed a fireplace or the design of the apartments is made in the Soviet style. "

Advise the owners of exclusive apartments can be as follows: either wait for a buyer, the one whose tastes and outlooks on life will coincide with the tastes of the seller (with the result that could last for years or do not succeed) or do not overprice. The calculation here is simple: the difference of the price without repair and the repair should not exceed more than $ 2-3 thousand per square meter. If the cost of repair is beyond the scope and, accordingly, the price of an apartment above the targets, then selling it would be complexity.

Also keep in mind that only "fresh" repair may increase the cost of an apartment. And if there is someone living (even six months), the selling price at least a quarter will still have to fold. "The originality of the interior - agrees Alexander Zima - really could attract a buyer. In my practice there were cases when the customer agrees to attend an unusual flat, with interest it inspected, but not in a hurry to buy. Some figure out how much it could cost the new improvements, others do not agree with the inflated cost of the proposal. It turns out that realtors bringing in an apartment in an unusual book, both in the museum, having lost hope of finding her a worthy buyer.

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