Pros and cons of mortgage and installment

25.10.2011 11:14
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of mortgage and installment Experts on buying real estate in Moscow: the pros and cons of mortgage and installment Those who do not have an amount sufficient to buy an apartment in Moscow at once at full price, there are other opportunities to become homeowners.

The first is to buy an apartment on credit or installments from the builder. Weighing all the "pros" and "cons" of buying an apartment in a certain pattern, the buyer has to thoroughly study the details and mechanisms of the program installment and mortgage loans.

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According to experts of the Department of the mortgage and loan company "NDV-Real Estate", each of these schemes has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the installment purchase means the owner in most cases will not have to overpay for housing. In this installment registration does not take much time and does not require preparation of an impressive set of documents.

On the other - even if the mortgage is paid a much higher amount, but maturity is much longer than when buying on credit. Yes, and guarantees that the apartment will be ready in time to order more, because banks grant mortgages only for new construction from the builder with a good reputation.

According to "NDV-estate", the share of transactions involving mortgage loans in Moscow today is approximately equal to the number of purchases made in installments (35%). In this installment generally prefer buyers with unconfirmed income.

With an initial contribution of 30% of the cost of a one-room apartment in the building (which is 5.3 mln.) For 15 years, monthly payments on a mortgage of no more than 40 thousand rubles. (Estimated at 10% per annum). The same apartment area of ​​42 square meters. m., bought on the installment plan for six months with an initial contribution of 50% and 2% accrual on the balance, will cost the owner of 494.6 thousand rubles. a monthly basis.

Expert opinion is this: take advantage installments, if the buyer has a sufficiently large amount for a down payment, and he plans to pay the remaining amount within a maximum of six months. Buy an apartment in installments recommend realtors to those in the near future can expect to receive an inheritance or proceeds from sales of real estate. Mortgage is justified if the buyer has a small but steady income.
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