Pros and cons of living outside the city

08.05.2011 09:00
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of living outside the city When our family had a child, rather sharply the question arose of expanding residential area.

Before us there was a choice: to move from one apartment to another, more spacious, or to move into his house outside the city. For us, the "city" to the bone, the second option seemed to be completely insane - and, oddly enough, we have chosen it.

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By the way, about moving since we did not regret a single minute. Of course, since the early days we were faced with some difficulties, but also immediately revealed, and all the advantages of staying in a private home.

So, the pros ... First: we finally got rid of noisy neighbors. Believe me, to be finally in peace and quiet has become a true joy for those who lived all his life on the floor below the builder of models of ships (which means day and night to hear the buzz of electric saws, if I call it) and a staircase with a merry company enthusiasts drink (with free entertainment for the whole house as a karaoke night, constant small fights and visits to police).

Secondly, we will always forget how depressing condition that causes an ominous announcement on the porch of "The following month, your house will be off the hot water for one month." For me it has always been a month of this torture.

We have now is never too hot or too cold. As in most private homes, in our house is set AOGV that allows itself to control the timing and power supply heat.

Of course, for young mothers, as, indeed, for a small child, to live in his house - a real pleasure and convenience. To begin with, that pull the carriage into the street or leave it on all day outside the house is not a big problem. I'm just scared to see how you can pull from the fifth floor, for example, wheelchair and baby. With places for walking, too, decide not difficult: only about nature, and almost no cars. And for the younger child to live in a place - just a dream. So much space where you can have fun playing with friends!

Yet we have virtually stopped going to the nature of the beach, etc. On the contrary, now all my friends drive themselves to us. Because nature - that's us! We have a yard and you can arrange a barbecue and sunbathe, but if you want to swim - but now really cheap you can buy quite a such a normal pool.

Another plus - from early autumn to late spring, I do not have to run to the store for fresh vegetables or salad. I should just go out and tear it all under his window. Very convenient. The same can be said of the berries and fruits.

I could still go on this list. I think everyone will find here their own merits.

May, of course, seem to live in his house - just one big heavenly pleasure. But it is not. Not always, at least. Because, despite the large number of advantages, in such circumstances, there are some minuses.

First and foremost, do not buy a private house, not furnished and advanced automobile. Now I am only talking about suburban homes, the real estate in the city, this paragraph does not apply. We save only that to go to the city, some ten minutes, and buses run frequently enough. Yet there are disadvantages, in particular - in such areas is not always possible to call a taxi. At least, it would cost at least twice as expensive.

Next - slightly annoying absence of any benefits of civilization, such as supermarkets, (which for us is especially important), kindergartens and schools. Of course, to go to them too, no more than ten minutes, but as the machines we do not have (see paragraph above), then this can be difficult.

In addition, the house should take care of. Problems arise here so much that living in an apartment and never dreamed of, and problems, sometimes quite unexpected and unexplained. Especially in winter - and the water in the pipes peremerzshuyu have warm, and the road from the snow several times a day to clear. The first time we have consulted with the relatives, all my life living in his house. But a couple of years to master, and now themselves can anyone give advice.

And, finally, living in a private home reveals another specific aspect - security. Most often this problem is solved institution dog.

However, despite the little difficulties, I still think that living in your home has many advantages compared to the flat. So, if someone suddenly will face the same choice that we do, I recommend a closer look at this option.

Now, incidentally, are becoming increasingly popular so-called "cottage communities" where some of the above problems are solved.

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