Pros and cons of living in a country house

01.10.2010 00:02
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of living in a country house As a rule, expression "country house" most imagine the fresh air, quiet and well-groomed front lawn. Few people think about problems. A problem, of course, will not keep you waiting. As soon as the trucks transported to a new location acquired by overwork, in front of you in the best stand up all the pluses and minuses of living in a country house.

Prepare yourself for what you have to rethink their habits and, possibly, the family budget. If you have lived most of his life in an apartment house and used, that is only responsible for your apartment, you should now be responsible not only for walls, but also for the entire region as a whole. You assume responsibility for the floors, roofs, local area and engineering systems. Contents of a country house cost is expensive, you must take this into account. Soberly assess their income. If your business brings a steady high income, then you do not have to suffer, choosing between roof repair and landscaping of the site.

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In addition, there is also a problem of suburban life as a poorly developed infrastructure. Lack of hospital, school or kindergarten greatly complicates life for the city. Of course, if you're lucky enough to own a house in the Obukhov district, then you're in luck: Here infrastructure is fine. However, Concha Zaspa have one, but a very significant drawback: the cost of housing.

Another shortcoming of suburban housing - the time it would have to spend on the road to work. Poor quality of roads and traffic jams can significantly spoil the impression of wilderness. In most cases, to the city by public transport is not strongly developed, so that hopefully have at your car.

But, of course, pros speak for themselves: more space compared to a city apartment, fresh air, the view from the window not to the industrial landscape, and forest and river. Well, no neighbors, of course!

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