Pros and cons of cottage townships

28.06.2011 01:15
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of cottage townships Secondary market of suburban real estate, cottage villages, townhouses, suburban housing estates, country houses - it is not an exhaustive list of possible formats of suburban housing.

Like all projects, cottage villages can not do without the classic shortcomings and interesting benefits. For example, congestion of access roads to the village, lack of medical care, including pharmacy, entertainment establishments - the classic flaws. Fresh air, its remoteness from the bustle of the city, beautiful scenery - the classic advantage.

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On the pros and cons of suburban living to tell the experts suburban real estate market:

Victor Kovalenko, the director of "RealEkspo"
Larissa Havrysh, director of FC Global Capital (KG "Desnyanskiy)
Natalia Bashinskaya, Head of Marketing KG "Mayetok"
Alla Zhabyuk, Director of Sales CG "Solar Valley"

Cottage town: the pros and cons

Victor Kovalenko believes that a definite plus suburban housing is the possession of private property with land. This is a fundamentally new quality of life compared with living in a city apartment - space for living, fresh air instead of city gas concentration, the ability to enjoy nature, especially in towns with good location and infrastructure for life and a good rest, as, for example, in the cottage "Solar Valley" or "Maetok. This is a profitable investment. Of the shortcomings of today - it's transport problems - reach the center of Kiev from the suburban estates at a decent distance from the borders of Kiev is problematic enough for everyday life. Also hampered by the lack of a full-fledged infrastructure for life - schools, kindergartens, hospitals and shopping centers. With luck, if such infrastructure has an area where the village is located, for example, a gated development, "Sun Valley is located 20 minutes drive from Kiev to Obukhov district with all its well-developed retail and entertainment infrastructure, one of the best in the suburbs of Kiev. Also among the disadvantages of suburban life is the fact that this is an expensive pleasure - a country house should be kept, as well as pay for the operating company servicing the village.

Alla Zhabyuk highlights the main advantage of the convenient location of the plot, which involves a good transport accessibility, as well as enabling environment, infrastructure - a standard set of consumer needs. But it's not all. Choosing a suburban residence, customers want something that can not be obtained in the metropolis - because any decent apartment in Kiev has all the benefits articulated in the first lines - is the best and multivariate transport availability, infrastructure and abundance, and even a decent environment in our crowded city still possible to find. But a steady migration to the country is not abating, but only stopped briefly at the time of crisis.

Larissa Havrysh: "The cottage village is better plot in suburban co-op, because it formed a more modern and smoother social environment. The cottage village, especially when it comes to areas without a contract, less suburban area so that the latter already has a communication at the time of purchase of the site and all the neighbors built.

Infrastructure cottage

Natalia Bashinskaya believes that the infrastructure of the village is determined by its concept and class. It all depends on the location and size of residence. Economy Class will be sufficient minimal set - security and cleaning, a good addition to a mini market, pharmacy, children's playground, perhaps a small sports facilities, guest parking. If the settlement is designed to more permanent accommodation, and there, depending on grade and size of the settlement, may provide their own shopping centers, fitness clubs, community and recreation area, playground and sports fields. Exclusive villages with club theme can have its infrastructure that are part of the concept - a golf club, yacht club, etc.

Alla Zhabyuk first noted that any infrastructure financed by the purse holders of land in the township. Therefore, the development of infrastructure depends on the category in which positions this gated development. In recent years, many developers are based on the wishes of customers, even at a fairly expensive lands do not plan to undue benefits to future owners. Call the perfect set of infrastructure for any village - it is impossible! Here we must be guided by common sense and market needs. It is true today, the buyers have already formed a necessary minimum, which developers are trying to realize 100% of it: roads, main electricity and gas, central water supply, sewerage invested, group entry, fenced territory, guard post at the entrance to the village. As klassnosti settlement can be added: public area (playgrounds, boulevards for walking the sidewalks along the road), shops, pharmacies, kindergartens, etc., but this is absolutely not necessary, because in some doroguschy village, all amenities, owners may prefer the privacy of their stay.

Victor Kovalenko singled out the main components of infrastructure: electricity, access roads and intra-and gas. Then to go further engineering and social infrastructure, which are less binding, but desirable.

Customers' expectations of a country house - a spacious, smooth horizon line and mandatory sunsets and sunrises in real time, not delayed by half an hour because of "the neighboring high-rises," adds Larissa Gavrish.

The development of suburban real estate market

2010 was marked by stabilization in the suburban real estate market. Manifested accumulated during the crisis pent-up demand. Since the second half of 2010, there has been a positive correction in prices in the segment's most attractive towns in terms of location, natural factors, the concept of reasonableness, the degree of readiness. However, prices in cottage settlements are not reached crisis level, while maintaining an average 25% increase in backlog from pre-crisis levels of prices.

Victor Kovalenko, believes that the impact of the crisis on the country market impact is very significant. To date, the constant demand of a class objects. Subject to other conditions being equal, than the object is cheaper, the higher the demand. Most likely, this trend will continue in the market over the medium term of 3-5 years.

Post-crisis market does not suggest easy solutions to developers - if used at the expense of breadth of consumer audience could enter the market with ready-made home ownership a certain style and be confident that the homes in a short time will find their customers, today companies are obliged to offer customized solutions that take into account all the wishes and nuances of each client, Larisa Gavrish. And if the economy does not allow the project to develop options for the client 50-70 cottages and hence to enable the future owner to do it yourself, "prompting" style and limitations. Experience Larissa Havrysh suggests that by "better" is rarely refused in favor of "good" and the conceptual cornerstones of constraints perceived by the client with the understanding, because it is no longer "my house", but "My Town" and the view from the window is not less important than the appearance of the facade.

Top-3 transport streams suburban market

Most experts gave first place Novoobuhovskoy track. Second place for the recognition of experts has won - Odessa direction. Third place is occupied - Zhytomyr and Irpin direction.

Victor Kovalenko

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