Pros and cons of buying an apartment in the suburbs

17.10.2011 08:15
Articles about real estate | Pros and cons of buying an apartment in the suburbs One of the main factors that make buyers think about the advisability of buying an apartment or house in the suburbs, is a range of potential housing locations. One of the main factors that cause consumers to think about the advisability of purchasing an apartment or house in the suburbs, is the range of potential housing locations. Doubts are justified - not in every capital city of the satellite or suburban housing estate to get to work in the center of the city quickly, conveniently and inexpensively. But immediately abandon such an acquisition is not necessary, it is better to compare the options, both commuter and on the outskirts of the city, where housing is cheaper, though, than in the center, but still not affordable for everyone.

The main suburbs
Traditionally, the worst get to the center of Kiev, where most offices and other workplaces, from the left bank of the Dnieper. There are major suburbs Brovary and understand that. These cities are comfortable enough to live in terms of "middle management", use public transport. Sufficient number of minibuses and trains provide regular communication with the stations of the Kiev subway, which is 30-40 minutes dovozili passenger in the center of the capital, but have a little knock in the car. Holders own car too convenient by half - to the borders of the city in the morning you can get more or less quickly, and then begin toffees and cork, as bridges Metro them. Paton and the South can not handle the flow of rushing to the right bank of machines. Especially this summer, when all three bridges are in varying degrees of repair activity. Despite the still-functioning Moscow bridge, the residents of the metropolitan Troyeshchina, who were lucky enough to work on the right bank, and must either go to work for an hour before, or, on occasion, to be held in the vehicle (not necessarily the same), 1.5-2 hours .

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Right Bank: perspective places

On the right bank of 20-30-kilometer zone offers potential homebuyers more opportunities. But here we have to carefully choose. For example, excellent in terms of environmental and recreational DunnObukhov and Warsaw's direction during peak hours "crammed" machines, entrances to the city with these lines is complicated by a large number of intersections and traffic lights.
The situation is similar to the Odessa line - right at the entrance to Kiev, in Odessa area, installed the first traffic light. The second is located just a mile away, near the "Expocentre of Ukraine" and to the city center and even to the nearest metro station "Lybidska" is still a lot of miles. Block the road and never ending repair work at the Moscow area.
The best option in terms of the motorist is Zhytomyr highway - four lanes in each direction and only the first traffic light at the intersection with Avenue Povitroflotskiy, that is, almost in the center of Kiev. So Kiev Svyatoshinsky area in recent years has become increasingly popular among home buyers and, consequently, real estate developers. Last pay special attention to the area around the sports complex "Chaika" - LCD housed here, "Peter and Paul", "Petropavlovgrad", "Brest-Litovsk", "Seagull". These complexes are directly outside the city, just outside the capital Petropavlovsk Borschagivka. With the city links them with the best regular Pravoberezhnoye road trip buses and minibuses, which are within a few minutes dovozili passengers to the nearest metro station "Zhitomir". But, as noted by the realtors, the difference in price for suburban and urban apartments is such as to buy her own car and drive it to town.

By the end of 2013, 55% of all home buyers in Kiev with adequate alternatives were willing to consider the possibility of purchasing housing in the suburbs. At the beginning of the year did not exceed 20% of investors, analysts sales department of construction company BGM.
According to CFO BGM Inna Brechko, the trend of growth of interest of buyers to housing in the suburbs emerged in May-June and the end of the year, only strengthened. "On the development trend influenced by several factors. First, in the primary market has grown substantially suburbs offer apartments. Compared with 2012 the number of construction and preparing for commissioning objects increased by about 40%. Second, due to lower purchasing power investors lower price on a house in a suburb of apartment complexes has become one of the decisive factors when choosing an apartment for visitors and expanding families ", - said I. Brechko.

In addition, the expert adds, developers in the suburbs much more willing to preferential conditions of installments. "Hardly in Kiev now you can find a developer who is ready to sell the apartment provided the first installment of $ 10 thousand in Irpen region through programs such installment is quite real." - Says the treasurer of the BGM.

Including due to increasing demand for suburban housing prices are rising faster than in Kiev. "During 2013 the average cost per square meter in the capital rose by 4%, while prices in the apartment complexes in the Kiev region - 17%. In terms of investment attractiveness, investment in housing in the region is now more profitable, "- said Inna Brechko.

According to her, the most popular in the suburb enjoys class accommodation "Economy Plus". "Home buyers have become more interested in one-bedroom apartments of 55-60 square meters. m one-bedroom and studio area of ​​45 square meters. m and more, "- said the treasurer BGM.

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