Proportion of foreigners among the customers of Estonian real estate exceeded ten percent

12.01.2011 07:45
If the last real estate boom years (2006 -2007) foreigners were among the buyers a little more than nine percent, over the years of recession, their share has grown and made in the past year, 10.9 percent.

As shown by preliminary statistics of the Land Department, a similar trend was also visible in parts of real estate sales. In 2006-2007, the foreign seller has participated in about 7 percent of all real estate transactions in 2009 - at 8 percent in the past year - 9.3 percent of all real estate transactions.

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Last year, foreigners have purchased real estate in Estonia for a total of 113.6 million euros, the number of transactions amounted to 4,541. The average cost of acquisition of real estate amounted to about EUR 25 000. Last year, foreigners have sold real estate in Estonia for a total of 88.4 million euros, the number of transactions amounted to 3,875. The average sold a property worth less than 23,000 euros.

In 2009, the 3827 transaction the buyer was a foreigner. The total value of transactions was 96 million euros, while the average transaction amount - 25 000 euros. In 2009, the seller of real estate in the 3195 case was a foreigner, the total value of property sold was 75.5 million euros, or less than 24 000 euro per transaction.

In 2006 and 2007, property prices, sold and bought by foreigners, have averaged more than 40 000 euros. Although the absolute number of foreigners held so that more transactions as a sale and purchase, but their share of the total number of transactions was less than now.

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