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25.10.2010 22:40
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Next year under the auspices of the Yellow Metal Tiger will not be easy, according to astrologers and soothsayers. Researchers at the prophecies of Michel Nostradamus speak of some mysterious Virgin, which "want to kill", as well as the arrival of "a heartless, bloodthirsty" ruler who will rule "with fire and sword."

Pavel Globa also believes the Russians will be easier to live, but Europe and the U.S. expects a new recession.

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Michel Nostradamus researchers believe that the prophecies for 2010 should be sought in quatrains X X Centuries.

It refers to some mysterious Virgin, which "want to kill", problems with trade and the arrival of "a heartless, bloodthirsty" ruler who will rule "with fire and sword" ... It also mentions the "satanic arc rabies. Commentators believe that this may be a ballistic missile.

Renowned expert on Nostradamus believed that his quatrains contain the following information for 2010: - Perhaps in November to start World War III with the use of bacteriological and chemical weapons. - Western Europe and the U.S. is waiting for the confrontation. - There will be a conflict between Britain and France. - On the Crimean peninsula could ignite an armed conflict. - Europe Flood recession. - In Japan, there will be underwater farms and settlements. - In the Black Sea catastrophe befall associated with hydrogen sulfide.
Will the end of the financial crisis?

According to a famous astrologer Alan E. Mies, economic problems in 2010 will only grow. Many large firms will go bankrupt. Hence, famine, environmental issues, religious and ethnic conflicts ... Global warming will cause great damage to agriculture. Could erupt into armed conflict in Central Asia.

And this is our home "prophet" Globa Pavel believes that Russia in the coming year will be easier than this, although Europe and the U.S. expects a new recession. This happens because our government will change its financial policies.

In September this year in RuNet spread predictions of a certain psychic Catherine. They contained the following types of information:

- Russia will face a wave of strong earthquakes. One of them will bring down a huge building. - Many disasters happen in America. - 11 November 2010 to begin a war between two major powers. Will be able to survive those who hid in the East or the Caucasus. In Russia, while 50 million people will die. Then there will be peace, but it will be short. - Four Kings shlestnetsya in the fight and will start another world war. Over the U.S. will fly a big bird, put a bomb Satan himself, but from the eyes of people flee the bloody tears.

And what futurists say?

At the end of the twentieth century. Such well-known specialists such as J. Wambach, B. Goldberg and b & w Snow, made the following science-based predictions for 2010:

- Solar activity will fall. - In the south-east Asia, will the great flood. - In Europe, fertility begins to fall. - Russia and Belarus will experience economic growth. - Begins the era of matriarchy, which will last 23 years. - There will be a new alliance that would include America, Europe and the Pacific. - Will begin to emerge the latest political and economic theories that radically change people's lives in the future. - There will be robots, androids, which will be administered in daily life. - Will be found the scientific evidence for the existence of the soul. - There will be an accident Hadron Collider, and a black hole of artificial origin.

Forecast of the Russian futurist Academician Lev Melnikov:
- Will explore the possibility of a virtual human being. - Introduce a ban on cloning. - A cluster computer is a world scale. - The houses will start to appear robots to help with the housework. - Will solve the mystery of UFOs, and our planet will begin to attend visitors from outer space.

Most of the "forecasters" still inclined to think that the Year of the Tiger, though sometimes difficult, but carries with it a lot of change, without which it is impossible to move on. Let's hope that it will do so at this time, reports
(New Region, Daria Neklyudova)
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