Property: Unusual laws in different countries

24.09.2010 17:03
The world is sufficiently "unique" laws that must be met in everyday life. The legal field is not spared and immovable objects. Begin a review of the ocean. In the Canadian city of Beaconsfield violation of the law is to use when painting the house for more than two colors. Now move to the U.S. legal system.

Ed Fishman in a study of American law have found that several states are prohibited from opening a casino.

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That is the law of Alabama does not allow such establishments to open on the ground state. A little thought, he buys a big ship to 1,5 thousand people there and opens a casino on the water in the literal sense of the word. Further, every 3 hours on the ship did break in play, it ashore, visitors updated, and the ship sailed again ...

Also in America interesting things with the purchase of real estate to foreigners. To buy the desired object, do not have to expend maximum effort, but when you make home ownership is no guarantee that the buyer will be given a residence permit in the country.

Consider the legal policy on the European real estate. For example, French law can accommodate the payment of real estate laws, which is built on the land of France. Therefore, the river Seine in Paris turned into a rugged line of barges and ships, converted into housing. Indeed, there are people, but for their real estate taxes are not paid.

Distinguished lawyers and ingenuity third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus has "tax on the roof." If we look at the house, from the flat roof supports and fittings, like the roof of the house there and not over the top floor. It is therefore considered that the house is not completed, the roof, he has not, and the tax is not charged.

And here on the island of Malta is practically impossible for foreigners to buy property, because a law which states that a resident of the country the right to sell the house other residents. Harsh laws and in Monaco, is a residence permit given by the prince, for their outstanding achievements. With regard to the banking world countries - Switzerland, foreigners can buy real estate asset only in expensive areas of the country. Similar conditions and for non-residents of Austria.

As practice shows, it is easiest to buy property in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Finland, the only obstacle here is the visa laws.

Moving to Central Europe and later in south-eastern part of the continent, we should pay attention to buying a home in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia could only afford legal persons, ie who has in the territory of your business.

It is worth noting at least a problematic situation when buying property in Turkey. Here we must take into account the unique nuances of land adjacent to military units, and purchase of plots over 30 ha, you must obtain a permit. In 2002 the opportunity to purchase housing in the United Arab Emirates, the sale takes place in special areas.

Also note the largest by population country in the world - China. Property for sale in the country is not expensive and can easily obtain a residence permit.

We offer complete our review of the city-state located on an island in Southeast Asia - Singapore, which is the second country in the largest country in population density. Those wishing to buy an apartment in Singapore, you must have an employment contract with a local employer, and specialty should be useful for the country.

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