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08.12.2009 15:56
If you have already decided to buy a property in Scotland, then perhaps now is the time to do it. After a significant decline during the crisis, prices are still low, but the market starts to slowly recover.

Pound - famously

In the last quarter of 2009, according to the Department of the Scottish Government Registers of Scotland, collecting and storing data on sales, property values ??have increased by about 6%. The average house price in Scotland now stands at about ? 155 thousand, which is ? 10 thousand more than in summer. Nevertheless, it is much cheaper than long popular among Russians in London.

Crisis and unexpected drop in the pound, which for decades was not aware that such instability and currency fluctuations, are attracted to the Scottish market is now the exclusive property more and more foreign buyers. Even without the fall in prices for those who are planning to invest in real estate free dollars and euros, came the golden age, according to sales agents. The most active buyers while Americans and Europeans. So, a few months ago, wore a hunting Dunira in the county of Perthshire worth? 5,000,000 acquired some Danish family.

However, on the Scottish market right now, there are many other equally interesting objects: in about the same price (? 5 million) owners are willing to part with the medieval citadel Ackergill in Sinclair Bay in the north-west Highlands. The castle was built in 1476, last renovated in 1986, that is, the new owners will lock with central heating and other amenities of modern life. Among the many unique features of the castle - 17 bedrooms and a luxurious lounge overlooking the ocean. The medieval citadel of furniture, including tapestries and Persian carpets included in the price of the transaction. Together with a lock to sell 30 acres of land on the bay, which are located Victorian garden, lawns, forests, sandy beaches and a medieval moat, which once surrounded the citadel.

According to the Scottish Castles Association, the country is now on sale for about 15 locks. Among them are truly unique items as 400-year-old Barcaldine, and Black Castle, a luxurious Victorian mansion Craigrownie overlooking Loch Long, the locks of the XVI century Powrie Castle and Westhall in the county of Aberdeenshire, and many others.

Edinburgh is not a single

The most expensive city in Scotland has traditionally been Edinburgh. Everything changed with the advent of the crisis: according to latest figures, house price in the capital fell by an average of? 17-18 thousand, and it is not surprising, as higher prices in the city for many years provided an actively developing the financial sector, specifically, employees of banks , many of which are this year expected layoffs.

The extent to which changed the value of castles, mountain chalets, hunting grounds and other objects of the highest level, hard to judge, as their sale is always an individual matter, and the price is measured in millions. Scottish companies, exposing the market like objects, argue that prices dipped slightly. However, according to the Edinburgh estate agency Rettie & Co, the crisis reflected not only in homes of middle class, but also on the exclusive property worth from? 1 million so that, without a doubt, Russian and other foreign buyers interested in an exclusive estate, the choice of significantly expanded.

Due to a fall in property prices in Edinburgh, the most expensive region in Scotland today became the East Renfrewshire - an area bordered by Glasgow. The average cost of homes in these towns, Renfrewshire, as Newton and Clarkston Mirns is now about ? 214 thousand, that on? 6 thousand more than in Edinburgh. Investor interest in the region is quite understandable: there are several public parks. In addition, the climate here is much milder than in the cold and windy Edinburgh.

The attractiveness of East Renfrewshire is not inferior to Highlands. Many properties are located in unique and rare beauty of national parks. Not surprisingly, for many years, this area enjoyed an increasingly high demand from both residents of the neighboring British and other Europeans. From 2001 to 2008, according to which specializes in real estate law firm Highland Property Solicitors Centre, the average home price in the Highlands has increased by 139%. So, in 2007 it was about? 185 thousand after the crisis for the Scottish housing market came the dark times: prices have fallen by 20% and the number of sales dropped by 50%.

East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire in the future could be another promising new avenue for potential buyers. In recent years, the town is actively growing and developing, attracting not only its location (Glasgow and Edinburgh are nearby), but also a favorable business climate. East Kilbride as a platform for development chosen by such world leading companies like Rolls Royce and Coca-Cola. Perhaps fans of Scottish castles and ancient city, especially its center, seems too contemporary. On the other hand, kilbraydsky new building - it is salvation from the typical property in Scotland and England inconveniences, such as old pipes, too thin walls, mold, etc.

But one of the most popular tourist destinations - the famous Loch Ness, unfortunately, lost some of its glamor: Nessie is already quite a while not seen on the surface of water. However, on the shores of Loch Ness there are many attractive objects for sale - for example, near the home of the British occultist Aleister Crowley are on sale value of land? 176 thousand lives When Crowley (he died in the late 40's) could be an unwanted neighbor for many people - behaved extremely challenging and died of a drug overdose. And now, the proximity of homes occultist is rather intriguing addition to the magnificent scenery of Loch Ness.

Available tax

To purchase real estate in Scotland for foreigners without limitation. However, purchasers of property worth more than? 175 thousand will pay a state fee - 1% on the house price to ? 250 thousand, 3% - from? 250 thousand to ? 500 thousand and 4% for any property of greater value. Service caretaker of the castle in Scotland is also much cheaper than in neighboring England - from No. 12 thousand up to ? 15 thousand a year. To this is added the cost of land registration - from ? 30 for homes worth up to ? 50 thousand to ? 7.5 thousand for the facility cost more? 5 million

Do not forget about the city, which, however, Scotland is mere pennies compared to neighboring England - only about ? 2.5 thousand per year for a decent-sized castle with all the land. On this amount the owners are not the most spacious homes in England have only dreamed of. For comparison: the city on a small two-room house on the outskirts of the English town of Coventry, which is considered to put it mildly, not the most pleasant place to live, cost? 1,1 thousand As Londoners, those figures they do not even dreamed of. Not surprisingly, many of them have purchased a property in Scotland as a second home, hoping to move there, when to retire.

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