Property prices in U.S. fall: is it worth buying now?

08.03.2012 13:15
Articles about real estate | Property prices in U.S. fall: is it worth buying now?` Today, it is the U.S. real estate buyers the best time to purchase housing. Buying real estate is now advised not only to market professionals, but even the famous billionaire Donald Trump.

According to portal, has been particularly active in U.S. home buying investors who are considering "ripe" and the growing real estate market as a good place to save money.

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Attracted the lowest in the last ten years, property prices, buy housing in the United States continues to foreigners. The most active non-resident real estate market in Florida - 31% of total real estate transactions. In other states, popular among the buyers are California, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee and New York

According to the National Association of Realtors, about 73% sold in January 2012 were in the price range up to $ 250,000. At the same time 47% of the realized objects fit into the category of "problematic."

Experts predict that in 2012, housing prices will decline, but at the same time they advise consumers to pay attention to local markets, which have already begun to recover.
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