Property prices are growing thanks to a smart shopper

06.07.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Property prices are growing thanks to a smart shopper According to the appraiser and a real estate analyst Pindi kinnisvara Siim Simpson, an interest in buying real estate in Estonia is gradually increasing. At the same time, people became more aware of the committed transactions.

Positive signals of the Estonian economy prompted people in the country to buy property again. A few months will be two years from the time when property prices had reached "absolute bottom" and began to grow again.

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During this period they rose by 37.4 per cent, ie about 18 percent a year. At the same time, this year the price of the property market should grow by 10 percent. "If everything becomes more expensive, the houses and apartments can not go down in value," - said Simpson.

According to Simson, home buyers have become smarter. "The rise in prices is due to the fact that if during the housing boom buying up everything, but recently bought only high-quality construction", - he said. 
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