Property price in ads 30% more real value

21.08.2011 12:30
Articles about real estate | Property price in ads 30% more real value As posted on various web-sites for sale real estate price listed facilities often exceed their fair market value by 30%.

Told about this company chairman LatMLS Olga Zenchik. "Often the owner of the property said that he was the broker said - an apartment costs 50 000 euros. For six months the ad will not call any one buyer, and the owner continues to believe that his apartment is worth 50 000 euro", - explained Zenchik.

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On the question of why the brokers are deceiving customers, the head of LatMLS said that the market is too much non-professional young people who are simply hoping to attract customers.

"Some brokers actually believe that the apartment may cost 45 000 - 50 000 euros, and finding a buyer to agree to 45 000 Euros, the seller agrees to this amount. Many of the firms working in real estate, forcing their employees for a period of time to conclude a number of transactions with a cost. There are many nuances to encourage brokers to act in ways "- says the head LatMLS. 
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