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22.10.2010 11:30
Articles about real estate | Property Nikolaeva stands on the site Nicholas Real Estate Market remains pegged to the dollar.

According to local experts, until a stable dollar, the stable and the market situation. The main buyers of housing here are locals who have decided to improve their living conditions: sell existing housing, added funds to purchase a better or vice versa are selling large apartment, to add and buy two small apartment (for families of children and parents).

Also, according to realtors, is a small percentage of transactions by investing in residential real estate. In general, such purchases shall apartments Nikolaev, who leave to work abroad, the sailors.

Demand 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. In this case, the cost of 1-room from 20 to 40 (large size, with European style furnishings) thousand dollars. The average price of 1-room - 25-27 thousand dollars. 2-bedroom sold at an average price-30-32 thousand hryvnia.

In the primary market most actively behave following construction companies:

Kyivmiskbud (the company offers apartments in a newly built neighborhood, "Leske 2" on the street. Lazurnaya, is the construction of houses of different heights, the first phase scheduled for delivery before the end of 2010);

"Guarantor" (apartments in the neighborhood "North Star" on the street. Starova architect, offered to sell apartments in the already commissioned 10-story homes and still under construction);

"M-Invest-Story" (finished 9-storey residential house in Stalingrad pr.Geroev ,13-th);

"Nicholas house-building factory" (10-storey building along the street Kherson highway with delivery in 1 quarter of 2011, a 10-storey house on the street. Potemkin with the change in the 4 quarter of 20,010 years);

"Yuzhgidrostroy" (finished 6-storey building with two-level apartment on the street Booth, 6a);

"Our House" (16-storey building on the street, tap, first and foremost with delivery in November, 2010);

"Ukrsotsnedvizhimost (luxury apartments in the complex of" Admiral "on the street. Admiralska 31b).

The cost of housing in the primary market - 4290-7400 hryvnia / sq. meter.

In the regional center in the main is being constructed objects, which began even before the crisis of 2008, which were then frozen in connection with this almost all projects have been reviewed under the terms of commissioning. Now construction companies realize the housing with a partial credit customers.

Market participants say that the demand is for 1.2 bedroom apartments, mostly to buyers of apartments offer without finishing, which reduces the cost of housing.

Apartment prices in the secondary market is 630-750 dollars / sq. m. Prices compared with the beginning of the year have not changed dramatically. Stable demand, as well as the "primary organizations" continue to use only 1-and 2-bedroom apartments. Number of trades in the secondary market is much larger than in the primary.

"The market is stable, there are no sharp rises or falls, all waiting for something. In July, it was calm, almost all stopped the deal, market development began in late August and September. Now all actively carried out the transaction.

Mainly sold as affordable housing, as it were. Since January, almost the price line on the graph line. Over the last month significantly lower prices for some apartments for 1-2 thousand, for example, an apartment, which had fielded over 35 thousand dollars now sell for $ 34.

Purchasing power is there, but basically it is the so-called "chain instead of": sell their own, add and buy something better, there is a segment of buyers who purchase housing at the expense of money from earnings, credit actually works.

Demand 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. In this case, the cost of 1-room from 20 to 40 (large size, with European style furnishings) thousand dollars. The average price of 1-room - 25-27 thousand dollars, 2-bedroom sold on average for the price-30-32 thousand dollars ", - said the publication director of real estate agency" Lotus "Tatiana Andriichuk.

The price for 1-room apartment - 800-2000 hryvnia, 2-room - 1200-4000 hryvnia, a 3-room - 1500-5000 hryvnia per month. Demand an apartment with furniture and household appliances, unfurnished apartments and commercial premises, but less.

Many tenants have moved into the market daily and hourly rental. These apartments are renovated, with furniture, appliances, and sometimes individual design studies. The cost of renting an apartment is 25-50 hryvnia for one hour, and 100-350 hryvnia per day depending on the district and the state apartments.

Plots are not in demand, there is practically no sales in this market segment.

Experts note that the rental of commercial real estate is in high demand, as opposed to sales. The price for 1 square. m is from 20 to 90 hryvnia per 1 square meter per month, depending on the location of the object, sold the premises of commercial real estate at prices ranging from 180 to 300 U.S. dollars per 1 sq.m. in the distal parts of the city and the center from 400 to 1200 U.S. dollars per 1 sq.m.

Editor of "The Investor" Yuri Shchetinin:

- Today Nikolai realtors are moving away from the forecast. This is due to the fact that the forecast is based on the number of transactions, today the number of transactions for the prediction of the minimum, we can only talk about the current situation. We can talk about the growth of operations in the real estate market only when the population will increase wages, but so far that inflation eats up any increase in wages.

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