Property Market of Kirovohrad region

09.10.2009 16:59
Property Market of Kirovohrad regionKirovohrad real estate market is experiencing tough times: the prices on the secondary housing market fell by almost 70%, housing is frozen, some developers have suspended their activities.
According to the company "Kirovogradzhitlobud", "the company ceased operations due to the crisis."
"People do not have the opportunity to take loans, so the primary market did not buy. It`s good that our company has managed to enter the house was built in operation at a time when loans are issued. But there are still dozens of apartments, who can not buy ", - said representative of the company.

According to managing real estate agency Kommunalnik Andrew Ladyki, the complexity of the situation and the lack of transactions in the market Kirovograd due, in particular, the fact that demand in the secondary housing market "has fallen 10 times.
As elsewhere, the cost of real estate in Kirovograd plummeted in the period from October 2008 to February 2009. Recently, prices have stabilized somewhat, and fixed at a certain level - the level of summer 2006.
Today, two-bedroom apartment in the regional center costs, depending on area, layout, condition and other nuances, from 27 to 35 thousand dollars (before the crisis - 60-75 thousand), two-bedroom - 22-25 thousand (previously - 45-52 thousand), one-bedroom - 15-18 thousand (previously - 32-35 thousand).
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