Property Management: themselves with a mustache?

22.09.2011 09:00
Articles about real estate | Property Management: themselves with a mustache? Today, in Ukraine, many property owners try to ensure independent management of the facility. Unfortunately, this is a path that may not be optimal. In the decisions of owners who prefer this option, is a natural desire to maximize profits and save on the services of qualified professionals.

Many owners use for management personnel of the company (accountants, lawyers) or create additional structures to recruit staff. But the real estate management - is multifactorial problem, consists of an optimization problem of costs and increase revenue, engineering calculations, legal issues and more. Can a person who does not have enough experience to assess prospects for development and operation of the facility, to simulate and predict the situation to resolve engineering, legal problems, etc. It is unlikely that the owner will hire a separate accountant, lawyer, manager, engineer, etc. maintenance facility. Most likely one person will combine multiple posts or staff will consist of part-time.

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This situation often arises because of the lack of a developed market and property management, mistrust of the owner to asset managers, a lack of strategic thinking property owners (often the dominant stereotype of the "snatch, and then the deluge"), etc. But, as practice shows, the Western companies, as well as Ukrainian companies on real estate management, the greatest effect (earnings, investments, etc.) is achieved when the then it is professionally trained and experienced professionals.

And it is better to involve them from the very beginning, when only planned to build commercial property. This will simulate the situation of construction and further development of the object, calculate the economic benefits anticipated risks, costs of advertising and marketing, and much more. Such a comprehensive approach that includes analysis of the initial stages until the commissioning and further work on the effective use of the facility - the best option.
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