Property in Bulgaria a better buy for themselves

21.01.2011 11:10
Last year Bulgaria was visited by about 9 million tourists. It would seem good news for buyers who are contemplating on buying real estate in this country to follow its lease. But not so simple.

Industry experts are hoping that in 2011 the number of tourists stay at the same level or even increase, the agency Novinite with reference to the National Council on Tourism in Bulgaria. Finance Minister Simeon Djankov promised to invest 42 million leva (over 21 million) in advertising of Bulgaria as a tourist destination, said "".

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However, the Russians, who intend to buy property in Bulgaria with investment objectives (eg, for subsequent delivery of its lease in the same tour), it is worth several times to think before making such a decision.

According to Yevgeny Simkin, CEO Eurobereg, objects in Bulgaria have low profit margins - about 2% a year - so buy them (at least in the next few years) should be mainly for personal use, such as summer vacation with family .

From an investment point of view is now of interest to facilities located in the ski resorts in Bulgaria. Some EU countries are sending to the rest of pensioners, so the download of such objects is about 80%, says an expert.

Analysis Department of Eurobereg notes that between 1993 and 2010, the average cost of housing in Bulgaria has increased by 174.8 times, or, in other words, at 17 382.6%. Falling prices in the past two years, due mainly to oversupply and overheating of the market. Experts predict that in 2011, prices will stabilize, and in 2012 will begin their gradual growth. However, these forecasts may be adjusted.
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