Property in Barcelona is almost cheaper

20.06.2011 09:45
Articles about real estate | Property in Barcelona is almost cheaper According to the company Lucas Fox International Properties, the real estate market of Barcelona stands alone against the rest of Spain. Housing here is almost no drop in price.

In the third and fourth quarters of 2010, the average selling price of housing in Barcelona has not changed. If in July of that year, this figure was 4131 euros per square meter. m, in December - 4046 euros, the portal Property Community.

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In such prestigious areas of the capital of Catalonia, as Sarri-Sant Gervasi, Les Corts and the Eixample, the average price of residential property in the third quarter of 5101 amounted, 5026 and 4407 euros for "square", respectively.

The share of foreign buyers, in contrast to other regions of Spain, in Barcelona, ??had only 10-15% of transactions. The most active among the foreigners showed the citizens of other European countries, as well as Britain, Russia and the United States.

In 2010, transactions for buying property in Spain, concluded foreigners brought into the state budget 1 billion 980 million euros (representing 17% of the total foreign investment). In Catalonia, foreigners invested a total of 3 billion 952 million euros

Realtors say that at the end of 2010, housing prices began to rise in Barcelona.
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