Proper insurance real estate requires specific knowledge

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Proper insurance real estate requires specific knowledge The extent of development in Ukraine Culture property insurance, which often interferes with property owners sign an agreement with the competent insurance company and why you need to contact a professional mediator in this matter in an exclusive interview told Mrs. Shum, chief financial officer, an insurance broker BritMark .

- What are the risks insured, are not insuring communication and finish or single room set?

- Do not insuring communication and finish or single room complex will not be reason to expect payment for uninsured objects. In the case of loss indemnity will be calculated based on the cost of structural elements of the building, referred to as the object of insurance. That is, the cost will be refunded only its bare walls and floors. Of course, you must consider that when the most familiar of insurance claims (fire, flood with water) most of the damage assumes it finishes (internal or external), the destruction of the same design elements already requires more serious outside influence - an earthquake, plane crash, etc. n.

- How to avoid such risks?

- Will literate wording of the list of insured property, listing the main parameters of the property, and communications systems (water, air conditioning, fire fighting, etc.), inherent attributes of the building (for example, it could be signage, interior doors, barriers, etc. ) indicating that the insurance covers both internal and external decoration.

No need to succinctly limited address. Even the most simple phrase "fear of the buildings and facilities located at" presupposes the existence of multiple objects that fall under insurance coverage. Detached buildings and structures can be listed separated by a comma, indicating their destination, letters to respect the complex or area - to facilitate object identification. When large number of them made the list in a table that can be incorporated into the body of the contract or to make an application to the insurance contract.

- From your practice: how many potential customers SK owning commercial or office buildings, informed that insure glass facades to separate and this part of the building is not a part of it, as we see from the Rules of the UK?

- You have to understand that this is not about insuring a separate part of the building and covering a particular risk - which is called "broken glass." If it is included in the list of insured risks, hence, the glass facade is covered by insurance. In practice, the insurance broker must pay attention to his client, the need to cover this risk, based on the technical characteristics of the building. If you work independently with an insurance company may be different options. There is already a lot depends on personal experience and common sense of the insured. To not learn from mistakes is certainly better to contact the professionals for competent advice.

To add the risk of a broken glass, "the insurance company take an interest area of glazing and its value, and then call the amount of additional payment for the inclusion of risk in the contract. It is possible to specify a separate deductible for this risk, smaller than the deductible on the constructive and finish - to be able to get a refund already broken for 1-2 hole, and not just for large-scale battle of glass (for example, under the action of the blast wave).

- A large number of "pitfalls" in the insurance contract, which practically does not oblige the Ukrainian Insurance payable - this is a low level of insurance culture in Ukraine, a defect at the legislative level or with similar paragraphs in contracts encountered in more developed countries?

- The insurance company offers for sale a finished product that the market has the right to buy or not buy. The insurer is free to make this product the way it sees fit. Evolution of the insurance product should be under the influence of natural market conditions and not under pressure from legislative restrictions.

If a high degree of social insurance to understand the widest coverage, almost without exception, with an opportunity to get a refund under any circumstances, the absence of such an insurance product in Ukraine suggests that the local market before it has not yet matured. Including in terms of willingness to pay an adequate price for it, as well as the degree of awareness and responsibility of the owner to maintain property in good condition, for compliance with standards and safety regulations. Matters as the degree of corruption of officials, services, and organizations involved to fix the fact that the insured event, determine the causes and assess the damage, the opacity of financial instruments and other similar factors. Finally, insurers Western countries, unlike their Ukrainian counterparts, have access to the statistics of loss and settlement practice, and experience accumulated over time, at times exceeding even the period of existence of Ukraine as an independent state. Therefore, to develop and work on yourself to everyone, not just insurance companies. Frankly, the insurance contract, together with the Insurance Regulations provide an opportunity to fully understand what provides or does not provide this insurance. In this case, the contract signed by the legally competent persons. Therefore, if it turns out that the result is disappointing, it is extremely likely, the insurer simply does not understand what he bought and for which signed the treaty. But this is primarily a consequence of negligence, incompetence, illiteracy approach to proof-read and the conclusion of the contract of insurance, failure to understand the essence of insurance. Think about how many people are able to independently and successfully defend themselves in court without the assistance of a professional lawyer? Proper insurance also requires specific knowledge and experience in a volume greater than that which may have a layman.

- What is the situation in the insurance market of Ukraine in the total sum at the moment? Whether industry came out of the crisis? Cleaned the crisis ranks of Ukrainian insurance companies?

-The crisis affects the insurance industry indirectly, through the welfare or disadvantage consumers - companies a variety of industries, as well as individuals. The more confident start to feel the Ukrainian business, the better off insurers. Yes, some insurance companies will not survive the crisis, but they were not market leaders, so their departure from the scene did not cause a large resonance.

- How many companies currently remain financially secure (considering that the amount for insurance of real estate can be very large)?

For a really large amount of real property insurers have sufficient financial capacity does not exceed ten. Significant impact on the reliability of providing not only financial performance of the insurance company itself, but also the availability of competent and reliable reinsurance it has undertaken risk.

- As many insurers are turning to real estate insurance brokers?

Probably the unit - so poorly developed in our work culture with the insurer through a professional intermediary. Another thing is that the brokers themselves are turning to their potential customers with the offer of cooperation. Even so, hardly more than 30% of transactions in the market place with the participation of brokers. In developed countries this figure is several times higher.

-Explain what the benefit of customers who have used the services of an insurance broker?

- In short, the problem of the broker to create an insurance program, the highest consideration to the needs of a particular customer or an object, thus lowering customer costs for insurance and saving his time spent on processes associated with insurance. A broker works professionally with the insurance contract, explains all the nuances of the insurance mechanism for the client, advising on any issues arising before and after the insurance contract. In addition, one of the most important responsibilities of the broker - to promote more rapid and complete receipt of compensation when the insured event.

Can be summarized that with the support of an insurance broker clients faster and at lower cost is becoming more reliable coverage and gets rid of the hassle in dealing with loss. In this case, a good insurance broker, as a service company by nature, is also trying to surround his client maximum comfort and care.

- Does your company have a "black list" of the UK - a company with which you're not working?

- If there are several hundred in Ukraine insurers, reliable partners, we believe a half-dozen insurance companies. Therefore advisable to talk more about the white list, rather than the black. This list is dynamic, it changes based on the latest market trends as well as our practice of real settlement of insurance claims.

- What is the average cost of the services of an insurance broker?

- Work on oplatnomu Brokerage Agreement in Ukrainian reality - a rarity.

It turns out that the client does not pay the broker directly, and the broker does not increase the cost of insurance indirectly. In fact, some estimate the magnitude of the cost of services of an insurance broker if, prior to his intervention, the client overpay for insurance 15-20% above its real value, and have an imperfect agreement and non-exhaustive list of risks covered? In my practice has been even more acute cases, when our services in 3,5 times (!) Reduced the financial burden on the insured, while improving the reliability of its insurance coverage. When a broker provides a payment of tens or hundreds of times greater than the cost of the cost of insurance - here his support becomes even more precious.

Somewhat easier to estimate the cost of services of a broker for the insurance company - the broker earns a percentage of the standard administrative costs, which the insurer laid every insurance contract. Without the participation of a broker, the entire amount remains available to the insurance company and, of course, such a line of business for the insurer financially more beneficial. Nevertheless, they also have some advantages in working through a broker - for example, the broker brings a new business, but also takes customer care and organization of documents and approval of contracts with banks in insurance collateral.

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