Program for youth shelter will be reformed

22.06.2010 19:09
The Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports is planning to reform the state program to provide housing for young people, said zamministerstva Svetlana Tolstoukhov at a press conference in Kiev on Tuesday.<br /><br />"We came to the conclusion that it (the program to provide housing for young people) is effective, but not as successful, because it does not meet social needs. We now have very long queues of young families up to 35 years ", - she said.<br /><br />"Realizing that the need to reform this program, it should be more effective, the leadership of the Ministry (of Family, Youth and Sports - IF) in conjunction with the Government updated the guidance of the State Fund (State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance) (...) has changed the composition of Supervisory Board ", - added S. Tolstoukhov.<br /><br />According to her, now the Government and the Ministry tasked to develop an effective pilot program, which will determine what categories of families need support.<br /><br />According to S. Tolstoukhov, the program is designed to provide the youth of credit for the purchase of housing for young people and young families.<br /><br />In turn, head of the state specialized financial institutions "State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance" Leonid Risuhin said: "In recent years dramatically reduced the level of state attention to this issue. If before 2004, the dynamics have been positive, in recent years that the dynamics of negative indicators, and in 2009 no money from the state budget for this program. "<br /><br />He also said that in 2010 decided to allocate a budget of 70 million USD in direct lending to households for housing. According to L. Risuhina, the partial compensation of interest rates of commercial banks under the treaties, which the family received in 2005-2008., Allocated 117 million UAH. from the budget, which is 40% more than last year.<br /><br />Interfax-Ukraine<br />
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