Profitable to sell the house - selling scheme in a nutshell

01.10.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Profitable to sell the house - selling scheme in a nutshell Sale of mansion - is a serious matter. Need to know a lot of different nuances to the transaction is successful. But what about the newcomers in this field? How to sell a house if you have no experience in such an important matter?

This split tips for successful sales director of consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) Victor Kovalenko.

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To profitably sell the house, you must remember about the different factors, the proper observance of which affect the positive outcome of the case.

Go to run ads with full responsibility, because it affects the speed of the transaction. It is important not only where and how to advertise, but also what information it contains.

The first buyer is called? wonderful! .. Arrange with a potential client about how to view apartments. To do this, be prepared to show apartments. If the buyer agrees to your proposal, then negotiate the price properly, given the advantages and disadvantages of home. It is important not to overestimate, but not to lose the sale. Practice shows that with the right approach you can get money for a few thousand more than you expected to get.

Do not make the common mistake - do not neglect the appearance of the house. It is not flat, which can "reshape" a day or two. Home buyer buys in order to live in it, and then repair engineer, most of them will not.

So if you decide to transfer your house, good enough to bring it into presentable form. After all, remember: "They met on the clothes, was escorted to the mind. But it is also not worth to fall at the other extreme - to make repairs in order to sell. If your potential buyer is available from the array of Italian cuisine and expensive plasma system, it is unlikely he will be thrilled to see your kopek repair.

And you can help yourself is if you throw rubbish out of the house before the show. You're still going to throw the old stuff, so do it now. You're only win from this - the house will seem more spacious and brighter.
Viktor Kovalenko
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