Procedure for transactions in the cottage Ukraine

04.10.2010 07:28
Articles about real estate | Procedure for transactions in the cottage Ukraine In the cottage are usually offered two types of land acquisition:
1.Uchastki a state certificate, the sale is carried out by transferring ownership of the land to the client.
2.Uchastki are acquired through sublease, sublet to the client during the construction period cottage, after completion of construction and commissioning is carried out privatization of land. Obtaining ownership rights on plots of this type is made according to the order of acquisition of land through subleasing.
The procedure for acquiring land and cottages in a cottage village (refers to plots that had not yet begun construction)

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1. The choice of land clearance and registration of the application.

2. Getting the selected plot in sublease:
2.1. Entry into building society;
2.2. Payment of the entrance of the unit contribution;
2.3. Conclusion of the contract of sublease the land for 49 years and recording it in the State Land Cadastre;
2.4. The transfer functions of Customer Buyer building on the site.

3. Manufacturer documentation for the construction of the cottage.
3.1. Selection or development of the project cottage, landscaping, connections to utility lines;
3.2. Obtaining the necessary technical terms;
3.3. Project approval and obtaining a building permit.

4. Construction and commissioning of the cottage.
4.1. The conclusion of the contract agreement for the construction of the cottage, landscaping, connection networks.
4.2. Payment of funds according to the schedule.
4.3. Acceptance constructed the building.
4.4. Making your registration certificate and a certificate for ownership of the finished object.

4. Registration of title to land:
4.1. Appeal to the village (or meets both rural) council with a statement of free privatization of the land on which the immovable property (in accordance with article 121 of the Land Code of Ukraine);
4.2. Drawing up technical documentation for the land;
4.3. Obtaining permission of the village council session on the free privatization of land.
4.4. Getting the State act on privatized land.
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