Problematic issues of the formation of agricultural land market in Ukraine

01.12.2010 17:35
Problematic issues of the formation of agricultural land market in Ukraine Such has been the subject of the report of Deputy Chairman of State Committee of Nicholas Kalyuzhny, who spoke at a round table introduction of land market in Ukraine: the expectations and risks ", which took place in Kherson. Organizers of the event - Analytical and advisory center of Blue Ribbon United Nations Development Programme and the Association "Land Union of Ukraine".

Kherson region - one of the leaders in growing crops, so land issues are extremely important for both management areas and for agricultural producers.

Addressing the participants of the roundtable, Nicholas Kalyuzhny said the land and land issues have traditionally occupied a key place in public life in Ukraine.

The speaker on several essential points that hinder lifting of the ban on the sale of agricultural land. This is - lack of awareness of citizens about the benefits and consequences of sale of agricultural land, inadequate financial and personnel support of land reform, the lack of an effective system to guarantee rights to land in the State Land Cadastre, the lack of effective control by the government, local authorities and the public the observance of land legislation and constitutional requirements regarding the acquisition by individuals and legal entities in ownership of land.

In this case, Nicholas Kalyuzhny stressed that the introduction of agricultural land market creates certain risks. First, the purchase of large areas of agricultural land and financial industry groups will obezzemelivaniya peasants and movement latifundia.

Vice-Chairman of the State Committee noted that to prevent this risk is possible if the correct precise wording of laws and other legal documents governing the land market, and tight control by the state.

Also a serious risk of Nicholas Kalyuzhny called speculation in the market of agricultural lands. In his opinion, this challenge can be minimized by setting higher rates of state fees for the resale of land at a certain time after their acquisition.

However, Nicholas Kalyuzhny said that despite numerous obstacles, the market for agricultural land in Ukraine actually works. But it works in the shadows, causing considerable damage to the state, both economic and social. That is why the creation of conditions to unlock the agricultural land market Nicholas Kalyuzhny named one of the most pressing problems.

It should be noted that the current "round table" in Kherson and other public events that took place in Kiev, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lviv, Lutsk, aimed at supporting the land reform in all regions of the country. Proceedings of these activities have a positive effect on the development of land relations in Ukraine contribute to the solution of urgent problems in the implementation of a civilized market of agricultural lands.
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