Privatization of land in metropolitan villages is extremely slow

20.09.2010 14:52
Privatization of land in metropolitan villages is extremely slow Ilya Sviridov, managing director of Land Affairs Offices ", said that in metropolitan villages extremely slowly undergoing a process of land privatization. About this Sviridov said at the II All-Russian Congress of the land.

On the outskirts of Moscow has more than 20 villages. The largest of them - Vnukovo, Old Kosino, Novopodrezkovo, Vereskino, Melkisarovo. In the villages, home to about 67,000 people. As noted by Sviridov, over the past few years, applications for registration of land was filed a few thousand, but the registered ownership of only a few dozen people.

Ilya Sviridov sure that in finalizing the required procedure for obtaining rights to land. Too complicated scheme of work is not suitable for ordinary citizens, not with extensive engineering and legal knowledge. In documents submitted revealed many errors. So, there are serious difficulties with measurements of land, as well as their synchronization with the base Rosreestra.

Sviridov said that the best way out - or simplification of clearance, or delegated to the lowest level of government.
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