Privatization of land for private house

07.11.2010 08:06
Articles about real estate | Privatization of land for private house Despite the fact that the Soviet system fell two decades ago, in Russia there is a lot of orphan areas. At tidbits land periodically encroach investors seeking to build another shopping center or parking lot.

One can hardly imagine a house located on land that belongs to God knows who. However, for Russia - is not an exception but the rule. Our country is so vast that it is unknown when all state, municipal and private areas will be documented.

As long as there is no official owner of the land - it can claim anyone. Even if you have been living in his house, which stands on the unformed earth - you run the risk that the land under the building of redemption, and you will be prompted to give a lease of fabulous money. The choice you have to be small: to pay or transfer to kirpichku his house on the institutionalized territory.

Privatization of land for private home is a difficult but necessary process.

Allocation of land is the authorized body (usually a municipality) in a free manner. Another thing is that this will require a number of documents for which you still have to pay a lot of money.

List of documents

1. Paper, confirming the right to use land. There are no specifics, but there are many different types of documents. This may be a land lease agreement, the decision of the authority to allocate land development plan and plot, etc. If any of these documents are not - have to go to court.

2. Cadastral plan of the site. Here, you'll need the costly services of licensed geodetic organization, which should draw this necessary document.

3. In the local land committees you need to take help of the normative value of the site.

4. The unit of the Tax Inspectorate take a certificate of land plot and the value of the land tax.

5. In the BTI you have to get technical passport of the building (private house), located on the requested area, and the information about the estimated value of the land.

When the acquisition of these documents you will spend tens of thousands of rubles and a lot of personal time - you can safely go to the Companies House, where after 14 days of your application will be a positive decision. Then you become the owner of the land on which stands a house. And only then you may do with your property whatever ...
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