Private investments in real estate: what and when to invest

23.11.2010 17:12
Articles about real estate | Private investments in real estate: what and when to invest To evaluate all the benefits of purchasing property to protect their assets against inflation or for as long as possible to receive "passive income" of rental housing does not need to end eminent financial education.

Rate charm guaranteed profit can anyone owning skills and familiarization with the calculation of projected housing demand. And if in the beginning of the crisis, buyers were afraid to buy an apartment in personal property and for investment purposes, for economic reasons, starting from the second quarter of this year, the experts unanimously recommended not to miss such opportunities.

"In general, prices have already passed its minimum - is confident Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of MIEL-New". - The conditions of stabilization of the general economic situation, taking into account factors such as currency fluctuations, reducing the total supply of new buildings, strengthening the market of new mortgages, the gradual reduction of interest rates on loans (on 0,5-2% for ruble loans since the beginning of the year), increasing construction costs and general inflation in the future prices will gradually rise. "

When buying a home will rise above all the choice between a primary market and secondary housing. You have to understand that these two segments of real estate not only have different investment potential, but are characterized by varying degrees of investment risk. Let's take a closer look both of these factors.

Purchase of housing in new has long been a very profitable way to protect your personal assets from inflation. On average to expert estimates, over two years the price per square meter in an apartment may increase by 40% over the same period the cost of flats in the secondary market usually increases by 15%. As confirmed Litinetskaya Maria, bought an apartment under construction makes it possible to save considerably. Its value at the time of preparedness at home will be higher by 35-40%.

In addition, new buildings have the advantage of a comfortable layout, new communications, the use of modern building materials, a single social status of its neighbors, the lack of apartments dubious stories, etc.

Nevertheless, the total number of potential financial losses by investing money in buying an apartment in a newly built house anymore, and it must be considered when making a decision. "If we talk about risks, the new building they are slightly higher - emphasizes Julia Geras'kina, director of new construction of Est-a-Tet.

- The buyer may face a tightening of home construction, unfinished, low quality of construction, there may be legal risks when you make a flat in the property, it is possible, though now less likely double sales. " Of course, we should not think that buying a home in the "secondary housing" is guaranteed to insure a potential buyer from losses. Referred only to a greater or lesser degree of risk.

In the secondary market, buyers may face fraud, legal inconsistency, deterioration of communication, etc. But in general, buying an apartment carries a lower risk of loss. This should be remembered. In principle, these features very clearly demonstrate the characteristics of the current interest of purchasers of housing.

"As demand from the population, while buyers feel more secure in the secondary housing market - shares his observations Basil Mitko, director general of Math. - In new customers interested in only those objects that are in the final stages of construction or have already passed the state commission on commissioning. The number of calls to realtors Math with a request to pick up "secondary" apartment is constantly growing. "

And yet for profitable investments in order to protect savings from inflation and even increase them in the current period of house fly correctly in new buildings. "If the apartment is purchased for investment purposes, in this case, surely this must be an apartment in new building - convinced Basil Mitko. - For example, an apartment in a new home purchased during a price "floor", even in the medium term can provide income to their owners at least at the level of 40-50% of its original value. "

According to Vladislav Lutskova, CEO of Analytical Consulting Center, MIEL, the average offer price in the market of new buildings of Moscow during the last three months, virtually unchanged (monthly increments ranging from -0.8% to 0.5%) and at the level 194.2 thousand rubles per sq. m. According to analysts of Est-a-Tet, year-end price per square meter in the primary market could rise to 5% in the secondary - by 3-4%. This ability to raise prices promise and other experts. "Until the end of the year prices on the market of new buildings can be up to 5-7%" - agrees Maria Litinetskaya.

Summarizing, we can conclude that it was this fall, there was an optimal situation for the purchase of an apartment for investment purposes. If graphically represent the evolution of the situation with real estate in major cities, then we move to a sinusoid. Now the market after a very heavy fall into negative figures, is at a stage lift, but not yet published in a sharp "plus".

In other words, on the one hand, the price of housing today affect crisis, restraining its growth, on the other hand, the revival of the market after the financial hibernation "is gaining momentum. For those wishing to capture a moment and with maximum benefit to place their own money in such an asset, like buying a home, by all accounts it was time to act.
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