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28.12.2013 00:30
Virtually any real estate transaction requires the presence of a professional. And here you can help both private realtors and special agencies. Whom prefer? By making a purchase , sale or exchange of apartments often people are in need of professional assistance. And here are two options : Call a specialized real estate agency or a private realtor . Arguments in favor of any choice is always there. However, how things really are?

Vadim Lamin , managing partner of a real estate agency SPENCER EATATE, rightly observes that "both agencies and private realtors can be different. There are private owners - professionals with a thorough knowledge of the market , care about their reputation , very responsible and punctual . And there are private traders reluctant - often dismissed as incompetent or theft, who are trying to work for themselves. And there are agencies where people gathered on ads, incompetent leadership , and the main objective - withdrawal of money by any means. On the other hand , there are agencies who are concerned about their reputation . " In short, life is different . But if you tilt the issues related to the originally planned deception or unprofessional , whom prefer ?

Easier and cheaper to work with the private realtor . Specialists of " NDV-estate " note that the price for such specialists are often much lower than the market . Of course, this is the main argument in favor of Realtors. Explained by the lack of such rates of rent for office , as well as the costs of lawyers, accountants , drivers , etc. However, Inna Ignatkina , director of the company " MIC -estate" on Presnya , notes that often you can not just learn the real Realtor commission rate . For example, the apartment can be sold and overpriced . Maria Litinetskaya , CEO of " Metrium Group" , observes that in the segment of economy- class buyers rarely turn to private realtors . " In most cases, they are either in large real estate agency , or directly to the developer ." Basically, these services have resorted participants secondary housing market , as well as in the luxury segment . According to Maria Litinetskoy , private brokers are able to compete fairly with agencies . " They are easy to agree to cooperate with Image: Private realtor or agency: looking vygoduzastroyschikami constantly expanding base and can provide the client with a fairly wide range of objects . Additionally, the buyer gentrification , referring to private brokers can count on maximum confidentiality of the transaction . " On other questions private traders lose. Experts " NDV-estate " noted that cooperation with private realtors not reliable enough . First, ignorant people are impossible to immediately determine the level of competence of the expert . Secondly, such a relationship is usually not formalized .

If we talk about the pros real estate agencies , the first thing worth noting a wide selection that they provide to the customer. Maria Litinetskaya says that agencies can quickly show a large amount of suitable facilities. This maximum choice because almost always big agencies have contracts with several developers.

The second major advantage of agencies is legal support. The agency has the opportunity to check the legal purity of documents to the apartment , and some companies even responsible for the quality of services provided . Inna Ignatkina says: " Some agencies , including the " MIC -estate " , provide their customers with warranty. In case of litigation , the Agency will challenge the real estate interests of the client in court . "

In addition, professional agencies are paying attention to their image , so it works real specialists . Such employees undergo regular training and education programs . Turning to the agency , the client receives not only the services of agent , but also services broker, analysts, lawyers and other professionals. Irina Dobrokhotova , Chairman of the Board of Directors of "BEST new building ," notes that agencies characteristic strong team , centralized management and corporate culture of the client. Speaking about the benefits specialists " NDV-estate" note that large agencies often have preferences from banks, including expedited review applications for mortgages or interest rate reduction . You can save and properly arranging mortgage program . Agencies can also boast and discounts from partner companies. If we talk about the cons , then Irina Dobrokhotova notes that working with the agency will have to adapt their work schedules and work rules adopted by the team.

With the advancement of objects for sale or rental agencies have also fared much better than the privateers . For example, the company is mandatory to place ads on your site and on the sites of third-party resources , thus providing the shortest possible period of implementation of its facilities .

So , there is always a chance to be cheated , but choosing between the agency and the private realtor , most preference is given to agencies. That big agencies care about their reputation , provide better services compared to private specialists While certainly there are also private realtors from God, but they occur less frequently.
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