Prisyajnyuk: 80% of land in Kyiv region is not used

20.01.2011 09:45
Articles about real estate | Prisyajnyuk: 80% of land in Kyiv region is not used Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prisyajnyuk notes that the first priority of local authorities in the period ahead should be an audit of land resources, because today 80% of land in the region is not used.

As reported to the press service of the Kyiv Regional State Administration, about the governor said, introducing the new chairman of Boryspil district state administration Ivan SHKIRTU.

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"The situation in which the land resource is not used for agricultural purposes, but only as an object of sale and instant enrichment of individuals - is unacceptable. Mediocre distribution of land was a big mistake. I put a high priority task the new manager to conduct an audit of land and restore order "- in particular, said Mr. Prisyajnyuk.

He also said that he would set up an active cooperation with law-enforcement structures: "When an official does not do anything until it receives a bribe, but an honest producer of commodities can not easily sell their products - this is not normal. We will fundamentally solve these issues. "

Regarding the appointment of the head of Borispol district administration SHKIRTY II, who had led the district Yagotinsky, A. Prisyajnyuk stressed that "the staples nothing serious, their authority meets today in order to provide more efficient, productive work, consolidation of government and society" .

A total of 18 January this year, in the Kiev region were replaced by seven heads of district administrations.
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