Pristyuk told that prevents build housing in Luhansk

12.09.2011 16:28
Articles about real estate | Pristyuk told that prevents build housing in Luhansk One of the obstacles to the development of housing in Luhansk is a low purchasing power.

This opinion was expressed today during recording the TV program "To be frank with the governor," the chairman of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Volodymyr Pristyuk, answering the question of "Lugansk.Kommentarii."

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Thus, according to the governor, when compared Luhansk and Ivano-Frankivsk region, then the first half of 2011 in the latest build housing up to 6 times higher than in Luhansk.

"But let's deal honestly and openly as it happens. To build housing should be a need for housing, purchasing power. If you take on indicators of legal wage, we are in 5th place in Ukraine. I do not know what the place of Ivano-Frankivsk, but I think that at best the 15th. And it turns out that the purchasing power of the population of this region more than we do. Why? Because there is a problem, you know that many people from this area go abroad to work, but do not pay taxes "- explained Pristyuk.

Answering the same question about what measures will be applied to managers who oversee troubled socio-economic trends in the development of Lugansk region, the governor said that will involve a package of measures, "and manpower, and suggestions, and individual work, and organizational aid."

Recall Luhansk region on the basis of ratings of the Cabinet of Ministers of the first half of 2011 was the 12th place among the Ukrainian regions, improving the result by 8 positions. At the end of the I-st ​​quarter of the area occupied 20th place.

The calculations were performed on 35 indicators. In 13 of them Lugansk region takes place from 1 to 5.

According to the index of industrial production for 3-5 Lugansk site, in terms of sales - in 4th place, while the index of production development, growth of exports of goods and export import coverage ratio - the 2nd place in Ukraine.

It was reported that some of the problemsemnyh trends in the development of Lugansk - the construction of housing and agricultural development.

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