Prince of the Netherlands to get rid of homes

11.12.2009 17:03
Articles about real estate | Prince of the Netherlands to get rid of homes in Africa
The heir to the throne of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander announced his intention to sell the villa, which is built for him in Mozambique.
In 2007, the Prince of the Netherlands, together with other investors purchased four plots of land on the shores of the Bay of Maputo. Subsequently, there launched the resort project, including construction of the hotel, 180 residential properties and villas for the prince and his wife, and a small airport.

Willem-Alexander was guided by good motives - he believed that this project will help economic development in the region. However, the Netherlands parliament has repeatedly criticized the construction of the resort, which, in their opinion, harm the environment and no benefit to the local population, says Dutch News.

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As a result, the prince was forced to withdraw from the project so as not to jeopardize the credibility of the royal family, as he advised the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. After the completion of royal houses, it will be sold to private individuals.
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