Primary cell does not fall in price: taxes are abolished, and the bribes were

07.09.2008 00:00
Cancellation of additional taxes and fees on developers will not lead to radical reductions in housing prices. So the vice-president of the Association of Realtors Victor Nesin said RBC-Ukraine today's initiative of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Substantiating his point, the expert noted that to date, developers have a very high cost. "Apart from taxes and duties, which abolished the government, there are also unofficial payments - bribes, primarily for obtaining land allotment for construction of houses. In addition, as soon as construction materials will only go up" - he stressed.

Nevertheless, the expert believes the abolition of negative transfer of the housing developer of the city. "Absolutely it was properly thought out that construction companies give some of the apartments for the city. We have a crazy queues of people eligible to receive free housing. And this place do not be promoted if the construction companies will no longer give the apartments," - he said.

Nesin also expressed the view that a slight decline in housing prices will not radically solve the problem. "By and large decline in prices for 5-7, maximum of 10% will not save anyone. It would be much better if the government ceased by the National Bank to tighten mortgage lending programs. It is practically impossible to get a mortgage to buy an apartment in the primary market. In addition, the government should be made more transparent allocation procedures, "- he said.
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