Primary and secondary real estate markets: two big differences

29.05.2011 07:22
Articles about real estate | Primary and secondary real estate markets: two big differences At the peak of the crisis of the transaction on the secondary fence is not stopped, but they became much smaller as a whole in the market. However, even up to 2010 secondary housing has become the most popular products. And it's not that the quality has risen sharply or prices have fallen - just in the primary market was not much to choose.


Until 2008, the special love of buyers used the fence primary cell. Realtors even complained that they had nothing to do with business and ekonomsegmente. The exception was elitka, where most objects are always referred to the secondary market. This is understandable: Zhukovka and Barvikha not rubber, many new settlements there is not relevant. However, the crisis at the construction of settlements have a problem and so far the situation is not normal. Secondary market pulled itself demand - due to lack of supply in the primary. "Now on sale is more than 20 thousand objects against the 12-15 thousand to 2009. New projects in post-crisis years, almost did not go, - said Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner at MIEL-Residential Real Estate. " - That is why people look secondary housing. Previously the ratio was 60 to 40 in favor of the primary, but now new settlements are not interested in more than 10% of our customers. "

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Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of suburban real estate Penny Lane Realty, notes that in 2010, a modern high-quality real estate second-hand "was the most popular products:" It is, rather, not to win the secondary market, and the failure of the primary, where there are no objects that you can "touch". In addition, the primary market in the past two years switched to selling plots without a contract. Soon on the secondary housing to snap up everything, and will choose not anything else. D. Tsvetkov already sounding the alarm: "As one of the most negative trends should be noted decrease in the total quality supply. If 2010 was characterized by leaching of liquidity facilities only on the primary market, the deficit is now celebrated universally. From the fact that they are trying to sell the owners, most of the simple unsaleable. Three-quarters of that comes to our agency, we do not take to implement. "

Two big differences

"The indisputable advantages secondary housing - a complete set of documents, ready to house a variety of proposals", - lists D. Tsvetkov. But the primary cell is cheaper, notes Natalia letterhead, marketing company "Relight Invest:" Although the reverse side of this advantage is the very long term projects. After full settlement will be operational only after the construction of buildings and engineering. " Indeed, the whole secondary housing is more expensive. "As a rule, private sellers, unlike developers are not very oriented in the market, - says Sergey Tsyvin, head of the Prospect Vernadskogo Department of suburban real estate company" Incom-Real Estate. - Sell those who quickly realized that returning to pre-crisis prices is fraught with a loss of demand, and offered a discount. But the majority of owners are waiting for growth. "

Sometimes, however, this market can make a bargain "on the occasion." "At the secondary housing still offers dictated by the specific situation of the seller - for example, are urgently needed money for another transaction or to invest in their own business. And then people will agree on a relatively low price, - said Konstantin Romanov, commercial director of Vesco Group. - With regard to the primary, then, when in December last year, the trend growth (increased number of calls, displays and related transactions), developers have become less willing to make concessions. " Keep in mind that the purchase of secondary housing must necessarily be accompanied by a Realtor, while the primary market without his services (in any case, paid) can be avoided.

How and what to buy?

Experts recommend to take into account the particular objectives of purchase. "If you want a finished object, look to be mostly secondary housing. If a person wants to live in an interesting town, a special payment terms and is willing to wait, should choose a primary cell "- says K. Romanov. House for living is better to take a secondary, while investing appropriately in the primary market, says N. blank. Literacy facilitator for the selection of real estate transaction must be sought in the agency with good reputation. Basically, of course, the realtor is needed in order to check the legal purity of the site and at home as on the regular market, you might encounter and double sales, and claims of third parties (some sort of "cheated farmers"), and the status of the land.

Theoretically, all you can do it yourself. First, it should apply to the Single Registry, which clearly defines the object of purchase. "You'll know exactly the scheme of the site and its boundaries - explains Anna Levitov, Managing Partner EVANS. - The same as in the city, the purchase is necessary to analyze the origins of property and subsequent transactions to make sure that the land is not subject to litigation and seller legal competence. " The absence and presence of a residence permit now and in the city are not particularly affect the right to use the object - virtually any registered individuals, not the owner, can be issued the new owner to court. Information about the current status of the site is contained in the unified state register of real estate rights and transactions.

Price forecast

According to V. Yakhontova, secondary housing economy class is today from 6 million rubles. for a townhouse to 12 million for a cottage. In the near zone is the budget option costs from $ 180 thousand, far away you can find the land and $ 10 for a hundred, but the supply of communications and roads have their own. As reported in "INCOM-Realty, the average secondary object is today - a house of 250 square meters. m on 10-15 acres in the cottage at 30 km from Moscow to Kiev towards the $ 0,7-0,8 million range of objects in the database of the company - from the country house on 6 acres, 60 km from Moscow to 1 million rubles. to cottages for $ 5 million in Kaluga, Kiev, Novorizhskoye, Rublevsky highway. In Penny Lane Realty as average prices for secondary housing identified: Economy - $ 1.4 thousand for the quarter. m in the business category - $ 4.6 thousand, the premium segment - $ 5,1 thousand According to Tatiana Alexeeva, head of research Vesco Consulting, last year homeownership rose by an average of 5-10%. However, says an expert on the secondary market price of the deal is almost always turns out to be 3-5% lower than claimed. In Penny Lane Realty argue that only last winter midrange "grown up" at 1,5%, the business - at 1%, elitka - 2%. According to B. blue, showing a positive trend ready objects at a distance of 10-15 km from Moscow, that is in an area suitable for permanent residence, as well as in organized settlements where there is at least protection. Cheaper homes 15-20-year-old, rambling buildings (village), facilities for the 30-th km of Moscow Ring Road (except the New Riga highway).

It seems that the demand on the secondary market already exceeds supply. According to D. Tsvetkov, "in the first half will the final washout of quality supply, and second, we look forward to the output of fresh settlements. Nevertheless, experts say Penny Lane Realty, in the next five years midrange will be presented cottage and chalet complexes on the regular market - as the primary offered mainly plots without a contract. Business Class will offer a focus on primary property: the market return to large developers, perhaps there will be new. But in the premium class of traditionally prevails Resale.

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