Prices zemuchastki in the capital rose by 10%

15.09.2010 20:29
Articles about real estate | Prices zemuchastki in the capital rose by 10% As a result of monitoring the state of residential real estate market in Kiev and the region, conducted by experts of the evaluation of "Avert" for summer 2010, prices in the segment of residential and commercial real estate remained virtually unchanged, except for the value of land offered for sale. Prices have gone up by 10%.

As reported in the company, in a segment of rental residential property prices in the capital have not changed, and rental apartments malometrazhnye since early autumn grew by 5-7% in view of the arrival of students and workers in Kiev. "In this market there are practically no offers of employment one-bedroom apartments in the middle price segment, but in good condition, with furniture and appliances, and those proposals that remained were a seasonal rise in price by 20%. Increased demand for residential property did not happen and is possible only with an increase of population and reduction in mortgage rates "- the company said.

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As noted analysts at the moment are still buying the most popular 1-2-bedroom apartments, the lowest price range. "In general, in Kiev in August held about 400-500 transactions involving the sale, which is the lowest level of market activity. Among other things need to take into consideration the fact that some portion of these transactions was carried out within the family to avoid paying inheritance taxes and so forth, "- said in a statement" Avert ".

Also, experts reported that the projected recovery of the autumn real estate market in any of the segments of the market is not expected. "With regard to commercial property - increasing the value in Kiev is not expected, but possible slight increase in the rent" - the analyst concluded.
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