Prices for town houses and apartments in Kiev have not yet caught up

13.07.2010 21:03
Said director of the project group "Archimatika Alexander Popov.

Realtors again try to "warm up" the capital's property market, publishing in media reports that the market has perked up, prices kept falling and the housing becomes available.

So, recently a number of media reported that the price of suburban real estate is already caught up with the prices of apartments in Kiev. However, such information is not always the case.
According to him, in this situation need to consider what kind of house, with a flat comparison. "Even before the crisis were at home, which costs are flat in a new apartment home business or premium. We should not forget that if the cost of houses and apartments are similar, their content will be completely different "- said Alexander Popov.

So, according to experts, utility and maintenance costs in the home will be 30-40% higher than in the flat. Plus the infrastructure of the area in which the object is located. The likelihood that an apartment in an apartment house will have the same internal and external infrastructure like building, almost zero.

"Therefore, for comparison, consider these two types of real estate is impractical because there are several factors that affect the cost, both at home and flats", - said Alexander Popov.
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