Prices for renting the islands are very different

10.01.2011 14:46
At the moment, the most in demand for rental are the island's equatorial region, particularly away from tourist areas and the population of the archipelago. Rental prices vary from these islands? 4000 to ? 350 000 per week.

Islands of Scandinavia, Canada and France are less popular. They are mostly taken in the recruitment to fish or hunt.

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Islands Lessors individuals tend to have an area of several hectares, and resemble a small village with the main building and several houses scattered around. On average, the island is designed for 15 people. Lease term is usually from one week to a month.

Most often, the price includes everything: personal chef services, staff, entertainment, etc. The islands are engaged mainly sports such as tennis and golf. Popular field trips for fishing and diving. Can also rent a boat or helicopter for sightseeing in nearby islands.

Rent the whole island - fun is not cheap, according to Private Island, prices range from? 4000 to ? 350 000 per week. Many owners rent the island for the duration of his absence, and for those who invest in tourism, renting islands for lease has become a lucrative business.
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