Prestigious land in Moscow region are increasingly buying the citizens of the CIS

01.12.2010 13:20
Articles about real estate | Prestigious land in Moscow region are increasingly buying the citizens of the CIS Real estate and land in the prestigious areas of Moscow region have increasingly become the property of the citizens of other countries, particularly Ukraine and Azerbaijan, the report said the consulting company Knight Frank.

As analysts of the company, in 2009 the number of non-residents who buy expensive real estate in areas Rublevo Assumption and New Riga highway, increased 6-fold compared with the averages for the past four years.

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Estimated to Knight Frank, for the period from October 2009 to November 2010 the total amount of transactions on sale of real estate in the Moscow region, involving non-residents amounted to no less than $ 750 million, two thirds of them have been spent on the acquisition of suburban residences and land in villages in area Rublevo Assumption highway - Zhukovka Barvikha, Gorki-2.

For the acquisition of prime residential and commercial real estate in the city accounts for the remaining one-third of transactions. In particular, with the participation of non-residents in the second half of 2010 was purchased about 3 thousand square meters. meters in the Moscow City complex.

According to experts, a significant increase in the interest of buyers from the CIS to real estate in Moscow and Moscow region is associated primarily with the development of business projects in Russia with the participation of citizens of Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

"As the business owners and top managers of the companies settle in Russia and at the same time try to be as close as possible to the representatives of economic and political elite", - emphasized in a statement.

Another important factor is the fact that the price of an elite suburban real estate and land plots have not yet returned to pre-crisis level. Many proposals are undervalued and will rise in price. Therefore, the deal to purchase real estate and land are considered non-residents and as a profitable investment. This is supported by the fact that in this segment have intensified not only individuals but also companies, owners and major shareholders who are citizens of former Soviet republics, experts commented on the company.
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