President ignores the requirements of the law on urban planning

10.02.2011 17:24
Members of the public say about the neglect of President Viktor Yanukovych their claims vetoed the law on the regulation of urban development.

According to UNIAN, about it they told a news conference in Kiev.

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Councilman Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural Bogdan Kozhushko noted that the text submitted by the President to veto the proposal for the law does not take into account the positions, which maintains the public. He recalled that the legislation quite clearly regulates the procedure for public hearings when deciding on the construction of new facilities, and community organizations called the head of state to transfer the relevant section in the text of the new law, but it was not done.

However, according to B. Kozhushko made by the President of the proposals will preserve the public hearings only "on paper", and any liability of developers, because they do not listen to the people or will violate the rules of town planning, the law does not make a plan. He added that the subject of public hearings as narrowed and they actually lose their function.

The experts noted, the President also failed to meet their demands for the law for mandatory archaeological and environmental expertise in the planning of new facilities. As the representative of the initiative to preserve the old Kiev Igor Lutsenko, the President's veto is nominal, "decorative". "None of our demands were not met," - he said.

In turn, the head of the agency for investigative journalism "Svіdomo Egor Sobolev criticized the order of the President of the Cabinet of Ministers on the development of a separate bill on the personification of responsibility for violation of construction standards. He noted that in reality the President is keenly aware of how unlikely that is to take people's deputies of the law. EV SOBOLEV explained that in each as pro-government and opposition factions, has lobbyists business-builders who will not allow adoption of a separate instrument on liability for violation of construction standards.

As UNIAN reported earlier, President Viktor Yanukovych to veto the Law of Ukraine "About regulation of urban development" and returned it to Verkhovna Rada of their proposals. The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law proposed by the government on Jan. 13, 2011. The government argued that the law greatly simplifies and improves all phases of urban development and reduce the cost of construction, at least a third.

Meanwhile, members of the public are concerned that the law provided for the removal of public control over the buildings of the city.

In particular, the law restricts the ability of local communities and their representatives on behalf of councils to influence the development process. Under current law, local councils have the authority to approve all planning documents. However, according to the new law, local councils are denied the right to approve any plans, except General and public hearings will now be carried out only when adopting the General Plan.
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