Prepare an apartment for a quick surrender: the necessary requirements

16.05.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Prepare an apartment for a quick surrender: the necessary requirements It often happens that in all respects seemingly beautiful apartment can not find a tenant. The most simple explanation - the discrepancy between the price of quality - though often, but not always true. A common mistake landlord that he was preparing his apartment to surrender, according to their own needs and / or views of the beautiful. When these views are contrary to arendatorskimi, alas, does not count.

arendyKonechno contract, in the supply deficit will surrender almost any home. But, first, the question is: how soon, who, for any money and with what consequences it will surrender. And secondly, now the balance of power in the market is quite a normal, no hype, as preconditions for its occurrence. Therefore, a reasonable strategy would be to go to meet his tenant to the mutual advantage: he will get an apartment that he likes you - a tenant who likes you.

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In light of the understanding of the landlord should be formulated, to whom he wants to hand over my apartment, and think that you need the required tenant.
General recommendations are handing apartment

people with kovromPonyatno that the needs of tenants in economy class and, say, a business-class differ markedly.

Maria Zhukova, deputy director of MIEL-Rent, among the factors that may affect the quick decision on hiring a particular apartment tenant, the following:

Adequate price (the price should be in the market, calculated using the increase or decrease of the coefficients, depending on the consumer qualities of the object).
Area homes, good transport accessibility.
Net rentals (you can invite the cleaning team that quickly removes and refresh the apartment.)
Nice interior (better to stick to the principle of minimalism: all you need - nothing more, the apartment is not to be cluttered)
Personal qualities and friendliness of the owner.

It is not necessary to write the declaration of surrender: "The apartment is renovated and a 5 minute walk from the subway, when in fact even redecorated last did 5 years ago, and from the nearest metro station for 20 minutes by shuttle bus. Confidence in the tenant to the owner of lost on the approach to the house. An apartment owner must be ready for reasonable compromise. Tenant can irritate even the rug, "Bears in a pine forest on the wall - it is better to remove it.
On the chances of apartments without repair

nails zakolachivayutV primarily want to protect those who want to rent an apartment to a state of "concrete box" or "killed completely and requires immediate repair." At first glance, this proposal is attractive for cost-conscious tenants and for landlords looking to quickly get money and not looking for opportunities to invest in the first repair. Alas, in practice most of these trade-offs results in a scandal or, in a soft option, an early departure from the apartment tenants. The fact that the tenants in most cases tend to underestimate the scale of costs for repairs and the landlord - tenant overestimate the willingness to strive for quality at the expense of cheapness.

In general, this option is viable if you live admits team of repairmen (most likely, all free of charge), but they are for it carry you to furnish the apartment. In other cases it is better not to get involved. Quickly pass, perhaps, be possible, but long-lasting and harmonious relationship with your tenant is unlikely to become.
We rent a cheap apartment: what should it be?

master with compartment instrumentovEsli you have a sound solution to equip an apartment on their own, it is worth considering the bare minimum, which will make your object bystrosdavaemym. Not necessarily a repair "a brand", but almost without fail - no dirt, and mountains of trash. "Tenants economy class, especially its limited financial resources but nevertheless the tenant chooses housing, fit for life" - says Maria Zhukova.

And although the tastes and priorities of the people are different, the expert continues, we can suggest the following ranking of important things:

Decent sanitation (in older homes current valves and pipes - a legacy of Soviet times, from which you want to get rid of before renting the apartments).
A sufficient number of beds.
The presence in the apartment of large household appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

ikee were again seen God "important role played by furnishing the premises. The more you create the home conditions, the more the proposal will be in demand. Necessary in this case are arranged by sleeper, fully equipped kitchen, the availability of sanitary ware in good condition, storage space, etc., - says Galina Kiseleva, Head of the rental apartments the company "Inkom-real estate." - It is also important to have appliances. In this case, the tenant free of the additional cost of a TV, washing machine, microwave, kettle, etc., and the owner will not have to exert extra effort to find and attract tenants. "

It is clear that the furniture can be inexpensive and / or new (even though junk in the apartment - a drawback rather than an asset), the technique - the simplest.
And what do you need a cheap apartment renter?

Young people sitting in interneteKrome addition, the norm for apartments democratic segment (if you rent it is not a gypsy camp or dormitory building crew) now is the availability of communication channels: telephone and conducted by the Internet. Their absence will not be a serious obstacle to the delivery, but soon finds a tenant an apartment in a state of "Come and live, and the availability of telephone and Internet connection (preferably with no debt remaining from a previous employer) - a sure sign of such a state.

"The biggest demand among tenants use the apartment with terrace or balcony, so their presence would be welcome - adds Galina Kiseleva. - Too many tenants are paying attention to the presence in the apartment intercom, which is a guarantee of safety for employers. After last year's summer heat, many tenants began to pay attention to the presence of air conditioning in the apartment or climate control systems. However, it is also typical for the more expensive proposals, because if a person is looking for a cheaper apartment and tries to save, then definitely pay extra for this "excess" He will not. "

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