Post-crisis real estate market: what attracts buyers to worry about developers and on which depends the future?

15.10.2010 00:10
Experts metropolitan real estate market differently estimate the consequences of financial crisis, but most of them concurs: recent problems of the world economy have revealed the strongest players that can respond quickly to changes, and those who were not able to continue its activities in crisis conditions.<br /><br /><strong>The crisis has left the market's strongest</strong><br />According to the CEO, NDV-estate "among the latter can be classified as non-professionals who do not have in its credit-established schemes and effective tools for business management and market participants operating in the last year or two in isolation from the realities of the market. This, in turn, to a large extent contributed to the euphoria of a sudden, rapid growth. According to Alexander Khrustaleva, so many in the wake of the crisis has brought it the inability to soberly assess the situation and the desire for obtaining high profits in the short term.<br /><br />Statement by the director general of NDV-estate "was made at last under the auspices of the public organization" Business Russia "meeting the investment and construction of the Club. Event at the VI Business Forum of "modernization" was held with the support of Russian Ministry of Economics and Institute of Contemporary Development.<br /><br />Discussed the sale of real estate in Moscow (problems, challenges, trends), and during the discussion, the experts came to the conclusion: today the greatest success are those objects, which established the optimal price-quality ratio, and the implementation of which involves a wide range of options.<br /><br /><strong>What's attracting buyers?</strong><br />It is these objects now offers customers "NDV Real Estate. Base real estate in Moscow, which has this company, includes a pretty attractive offer, including not only the special demand of Moscow new buildings of an economy class, but real estate is not less popular category of "comfort".<br /><br />Leader in sales of new buildings in Moscow today is considered to be estate "Tsarina's". The largest in terms of building capital, Tzaritzyno today is in high demand among buyers. As part of the project is planned to build 800,000 square meters. meters of housing, and last but not least, the first building (at number 8) will be commissioned later this year. Construction is being conducted with some advance rate, which allows developers to confidently assert that the first phase will be ready in time - in the first quarter of next year.<br /><br />Additional options mentioned by Alexander crystal - it's an insurance policy against ROSNO (it gets for free every buyer of an apartment in Tzaritzyno), as well as the opportunity to buy flats with designer finishes (buyers of apartments in Tzaritzyno can choose one of three proposed options). Tzaritzyno interesting for those looking for an apartment in Moscow with a ready infrastructure district, here are building two schools, clinic, four kindergartens, sports center, banks and shops.<br /><br />No less popular with the Muscovites and the new residential complex BOGORODSKII. This facility is being built in the Eastern Administrative District, 1,870 apartments, underground parking, silent elevators, kindergarten, sports and playgrounds - all this against the backdrop of democratic prices on the real estate attracts buyers' interest.<br /><br />"NDV-estate": business development opportunities to build their own<br />Experts say that the unstable economic situation and the expectation of an underlying more serious financial problems lead to a reduction in the activity of buyers. This, in turn, affects the decrease in cash flows for developers. There is a vicious cycle: less money from developers, the more construction is suspended, which, again, entails an even greater distrust of buyers.<br /><br />In this situation, the activities of the company "NDV-Property", objects which are built on time and in high demand from buyers, is the focus of market participants.<br /><br />In the very same company is sure: the success of the most dependent on the ability to guarantee the full cycle of implementation of projects. This approach to the organization of work involves the company's participation in all phases of construction, from the development of business models to after-sale service apartments in Moscow. In addition, the company NDV-estate "prefer not to wait until the market will provide new opportunities for business development, and by actively develop these opportunities.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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