Portrait of an exclusive buyer's suburban housing

17.10.2010 16:50
Articles about real estate | Portrait of an exclusive buyer Experts do not get tired to carry out their statistical study, and now director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko, offers a glimpse at a typical portrait of a man who wants, and, most importantly, can buy a property with so-called" special characteristics ".

This 40-45 year old businessman with money than average, having a family and two children and wants to retire in the suburbs, after a rest from the noise of the metropolis. The buyer is looking for home ownership in a guarded settlement in the territory of which the infrastructure is well developed - there is a bank and a spa, there is an entry-level school and a kindergarten. In these villages can easily be ordered pizza at the house and call a plumber to fix pipes.

Often, these customers want to have a plot next to the lake, public gardens or plantations. If this is a long time, nobody is chasing a huge area of land or a house "with history" - the buyers and oversaturated mnogomillionnikami cities, looking for complete peace of mind away from everything and everyone.
Victor Kovalenko
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