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29.08.2010 00:08
The global financial crisis has not only adjusted the pricing on the objects "elitki", but also altered the portrait of a buyer of expensive apartments. The changes relate to both the external and social factors, as well as the emotional characteristics of the clients.<br /><br />This conclusion specialists Penny Lane Realty. Hardest changed occupation buyers. If, among the buyers of elite real estate share of leaders of foreign enterprises in the pre-crisis period was about 22%, now only 12%.<br /><br />Halve the number of buyers from the sphere of show business - from 14% to 7%. Number of other professionals among the buyers of elite real estate practice has not changed: the top managers of big companies make up about 34% (before the crisis - 38%), owners of highly profitable business - 26% (before the crisis - 25%).<br /><br />"We see that the portrait of elite real estate buyer after the crisis has evolved, - says the director of the Department of elite real estate company Penny Lane Realty Aleksander Zima. - Not all citizens with high incomes could not survive a crisis and as a result postponed the purchase of luxury housing. In addition, some customers expect the restoration of the mortgage market to take advantage of the credit when buying an apartment. I note that in addition to external and social change in the portrait of the buyer, and customer requirements have changed to the elite housing.<br /><br />Before the crisis, purchasers of elite apartments were mostly people aged 32 years, now moved lower rate: the majority of the holders of luxury housing - citizens who are at least 38 years.<br /><br />Family book (83%) are now much more than a single (17%). It should be noted that in 2007-2008 the ratio of customers with families and single people was different: about 77% to 23%. In a significant proportion of cases "elitku" now buying men - 74% of the total number of transactions. Approximately the same rate - 69% of the male contingent - was celebrated before the crisis.<br /><br /><br />The company's specialists have noted that significant changes undergone number of hits to the mortgage when buying "elitki. Currently, only about 12% of expensive housing is purchased with mortgage loans. Then how about 2-3 years ago, have resorted to credit about 23% of customers.<br /><br />Now most of the elite apartments - about 93% - are not acquired for the purpose of investment, but for their own accommodation. Therefore, it is much more clients who demand higher to various factors of housing. "People are paying attention to detail and individual characteristics of the house, - says Aleksander Zima. - Many people give up too much infrastructure, choosing a more functional layout. We also see a high emotional evaluation of the architecture and quality construction. "<br /><br />"Buyers of luxury real estate - a very educated people, they spend much time abroad, they have formed an idea of a respectable and comfortable life, but also about aesthetics housing - sums up Alexander Zima. - Therefore, the requirements for the quality of elite apartments they are special. Such people with high incomes, so that they can buy luxury housing in our country about 10%. Roughly the same percentage today is the proportion of elite housing in Moscow from all residential property.<br /><br />The prerequisites for purchasing apartments are now the existence of an underground parking garage in the house, fenced, security and good specific characteristics. When buyers choose the repair facility, they are very carefully evaluate its quality. Also, the special preferences of modern luxury real estate buyers include this location in the quiet center, often - with closed playgrounds. This is explained by the fact that about 70% of buyers of elite real estate - people with large families in which at least two children. They are important to windows of the apartment did not go to the noisy highway, a house territory was ennobled.<br /><br />Finam.info<br />
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