Popov: land alienation, committed Kiev authorities, reached 70 billion USD

28.03.2011 14:40
Articles about real estate | Popov: land alienation, committed Kiev authorities, reached 70 billion USD Land alienation, committed Kiev authorities, reached 70 billion USD, a theft from the capital budget was about 4 billion USD. About this at today's board meeting of the Kyiv City State Administration KCSA chairman Alexander Popov, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

"We've got a huge, serious work to the effect that we returned the assets of the city, very serious job. And professionalism is needed, and patriotism is needed. We are for .... Well, I say we, because we are all responsible for the power and the previous too ... At 70 billion USD - the alienation of land and 4 billion - the city's budget. Normal situation? auction house, has nothing to expose. for nothing all been distributed. For individuals - most of them are not citizens of Kyiv, and never have and do not know that they provided these areas ", - said Alexander Popov.

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Also according to Popov, to date not seen the effectiveness of controls on combating corruption in the KSCA. "We have an administration, which opposes corruption and cooperating with law enforcement authorities, and no results! We ask any businessman in Kiev, he will tell you where something is happening, and we ourselves can not keep it. And this is when the political will of the leadership and the state and the city! ", - said chairman of the KSCA.

Popov also "warned" members of the board that "the entire law enforcement system is set up in Kiev to restore order in the city and we'll make it."

Recall on January 14 first deputy director KP "Kiev Institute of Land Relations" (KP KIZO) Leonid Nowakowski said that the cost of Kyiv land is 330 billion USD and the market price of land and resource potential Kyiv is estimated at nearly 2 trillion USD.

"According to the normative assessment of the monetary value of land in Kyiv is 330 billion USD. If you compare this cost with the cost of other land in Ukraine, I should note that the value of all agricultural lands that were transferred to private ownership to citizens of Ukraine to progress in land reform, and this 30 million hectares, is 340 billion USD, or a total of 10 billion UAH more, "- said A. Nowakowski.

According to him, should be involved in the full force of the system of charging rent for the land. "We have approximately 300 hectares of land now is, who are in constant use from which to pay land tax at a rate of 1%, while for the land shall be paid the rent, the amount of which begins with 3% and 12% completed" - said the first deputy director of the KP KIZO. To date, 75% of the total number of contracts, the rent is less than 3%, while the law should be 3-12%.

At the same time he stressed the need to develop plans for land and economic unit in the city, which should appear almost immediately after the approval of the master plan of development of Kyiv. "We should be on every plot of land not only have up to date information, but also have information on how this site will be used to run under the general plan, which figures in this section (at a cost, control and so on), which act on the restrictive zone This area will be formed as a natural reserve fund, as will be land and zoning, "- said A. Nowakowski.

In September 2010, co-author of the current General Plan of Kiev Sergey Dyuzhev said that for building residential and commercial real estate assigned to the majority of sites, which according to General plan of Kyiv assigned to the reserved land and green areas of the capital.

Recall from 12 July 2010 the government started an interagency working group to review the compliance status of legislation in the sphere of land relations. In Kiev, the commission found that an analysis of city council decisions and orders of the KSCA attest to the fact that plots are allocated without regard for environmental viability and without social interests of the community. The processes of distribution are not transparent, closed to the public of the city and state in the face of executive power on land, which creates conditions for abuses and corruption.

Also in July 2010 SLC and the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) agreed to collaborate in the resumption of state control over land in Kiev.

27 July 2010 the Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and the State Land Committee to develop a draft law on land management of state property, where a land reserve fund shall be made a special section.


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