Popov begin to build «affordable» housing in the next year

27.09.2010 15:35
Articles about real estate | Popov begin to build «affordable» housing in the next year First Deputy KSCA Alexander Popov expects to begin to build housing under the program of building "affordable housing" as early as next year. This is reported in the press release KSCA.

The developers claim that even with the full cooperation of local authorities in the passage of all the bureaucratic procedures concord, to be commissioned constructed houses will only after two years. Building faster is simply impossible, because then seriously disrupt the entire process and houses will be safe.

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"Under the social housing, are likely to erect prefabricated houses. They are very cheap and quickly built. This is the typical sections that have already passed every examination, and you just need to adapt to a particular place of building ", - says« proUA »CEO of construction and engineering company" Novobud Dmitry Tolstoy.

"But under any circumstances, directly to construction itself will take no less than 16 months. This construction of the building box, and wrap and connection of all communications, and commissioning. Plus, collect all the necessary permits. Even with the full cooperation of city authorities to require a minimum of four months. Subtotal: to pass the House on a turnkey basis, that is, a person could drive into a new apartment and live - will take about two years ", - the expert said.

Do developers have big doubts in the fact that the city can find money for the program "affordable housing". Of course, you can make to build houses "in debt" construction companies, which are partly owned by the Kiev city community - Kyivmiskbud "and" Zhitloinvestu. On the other hand, if the funding is "cheap housing" will be found, the developers would also like to fight for the right to implement these projects, taking part in open tenders.

Thus, the power will be able to choose a contractor who has assumed the obligation to build a truly high-quality housing. At the same time the City Hall does not say, but how many flats they want to build. The next step is about 120 thousand people. Mayor promises to help state employees. To achieve the city authorities to answer to the question of how to turn those same budget-impossible.

Moreover, there are certain technical capabilities of construction companies. To expect that a year will give more than 300 - 350 social apartments, based on the current financial realities of the city, just unreal. If we assume that people will pay 50% for the cheapest one-bedroom flat with 20 thousand dollars (on the outskirts of theory can be found advertising the sale of such housing), then the city should allocate about 55 million USD for the program.

And this despite the fact that today no money to pay the janitor. It should be noted that while we do not talk about the corrupt part of this process. While experience shows that in order to get into the queue for free housing will have to give the corresponding rollback official. So long as the transparency of mechanisms for allocating apartments and no one said a word.

Until then, until it built a single "affordable" house apartment city council waiting list should be given away for free. No programs "70 30" or "50 to 50. Otherwise, it will be possible to assume that the officials are trying to replenish the city's budget at the expense of vulnerable people of Kiev, by selling their flats, which the city got for free.

"Today Kyiv is divided into three zones: peripheral, close to the center and center. Depending on the zone in which the city is a building site, the developer sends to the management of housing 10%, 16% and 20% of the total area of housing construction sites. These apartments accrue to the city for free, so the city should and distribute them free of charge to vulnerable categories of population ", - said Dmitry Tolstoy.

Interestingly, the sources of «proUA» in KSCA say that to begin to issue warrants for the apartment on the program "Affordable Housing" want next spring. It was at this time, many observers believe, could start the campaign in the capital.

By this time, of course, no one will have time to build and commission new "social" homes. Therefore, in the City Hall, apparently to use their housing, obtained free from developers. That's what Leonid Chernovetsky three years ago. Then he collected rallies in front of City Hall and solemnly handed over the keys to two or three lucky.
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