Pop and movie stars are buying and selling real estate in New York

26.11.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | Pop and movie stars are buying and selling real estate in New York Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, has long sought a new home a decent level - made ​​his choice. The actor became the owner of one of the five apartments in the complex elite class Greenwich Village in New York. The exact amount of the transaction were not made ​​public , but the western portals of the real estate clarify that all of the apartments in the building put up for sale for at least $ 14.5 million , and the cost of the most expensive apartments reaches $ 50 million.

New apartments DiCaprio located in a building built in 1897 - it was originally housed the factory . To date, all the apartments are equipped with an elite category of exclusive amenities , which include a shower with vitamin C , built water purifiers and air, as well as the lighting, which varies depending on the time of day.

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And while some famous person seeking to purchase property in New York City - others want to sell it. This decision was made famous pop singer Ricky Martin , winner of numerous music awards, including the award " Grammy ."

Singer put up for sale his condominium in New York for $ 8.3 million . Martin Real Estate occupies 242 "square" , the apartment has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The interior of the apartment - floor- to-ceiling windows , luxurious panoramic views of New York and parquet from expensive wood . Residents of the house where the apartment is located Ricky Martin can clock concierge service and at any convenient time to visit the gym .

Six years ago, the singer bought property for $ 5.7 million , and the successful sale of a condominium in New York will bring him an income of 2.6 million dollars. Previously, foreign media reported that Ricky Martin set the real estate market and his beach house on the ocean.
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