Plots without a contract in the suburbs were again in demand: experts

21.10.2010 18:09
Articles about real estate | Plots without a contract in the suburbs were again in demand: experts Plots without a contract, which many experts had "write off" as a good crisis-proof, but it has lost relevance of the proposal this fall once again become one of the most popular formats, analysts said the real estate market. According to data obtained REGNUM correspondent on the News Company ZemAktiv "derived from an analysis of actual transactions in the townships of economy class at a distance of 60-100 km from Moscow, autumn sales of plots without a contract is at the level of last year and this spring.

Traditionally, the suburban real estate market experts distinguished two "high season". The first in the spring, when people get themselves and give plots in order to hold the summer is already in your own holiday home or to start its construction. The second peak sales in this segment occurs in the autumn: in this period, buyers, having "market research" for the summer months, be determined with the purchase. This seasonality in the market areas without a contract was observed even in times of crisis. But the fall of 2010 proved to be controversial for the developers suburban settlements. For some, contrary to expectations, it is the traditional time for active sales was not as successful. But the plots without a contract in mid-and far suburbs can still be attributed to the sales of hits. Only in September 2010 on two popular among buyers of economy-class destinations - Novorizhskoe and Simferopol - in the villages at a distance of 60-100 km from the capital, the number of transactions amounted to more than 30% of those that were concluded before the summer. If we consider that in September - is not the most active month in relation to the start of the academic year, under forecasts of experts of the company "ZemAktiv" shared an autumn sales will not concede the spring.

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"The fact that the format is" no contract "remains at the peak of popularity, evidenced by the sales pattern in the Multi-towns - commented CEO ZemAktiv" Julia Severinenko. - Another thing is that now the volume of supply in this segment has grown dramatically, which is quite rightly led to a differentiation of demand. Today, most liquid are villages with good dynamics of construction work, or a high degree of readiness, with painted communications. But the projects are in the initial stage, with ill-conceived concept, really, is not so in demand. And the level of sales in these towns and indeed decreased compared to last fall and this spring. "
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In this case, according to Severinenko confidently growing number of applications. A certain part of buyers in no hurry to make a decision based on the discounts and promotions that suburban developers often spend the winter, she said. This fact suggests that at the beginning of winter formed pent-up demand. A spring in the market traditionally will have new customers: in fact giving to the inhabitants metropolis has long passed into essentials. Thus, the spring rates in the townships are ready not only did not fall, but can grow experts state.
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