Plots without a contract are less attracted buyers

29.03.2011 09:15
Articles about real estate | Plots without a contract are less attracted buyers The market areas without a contract there is no future. This is admitted even by the developers, the opening sale of the country, "product" in the new settlements.

70% of what is now offered on a suburban market - areas without requiring a contract for construction. However, the peak of their sales, analysts say "Zemer", came in the spring of last year. Now more and more customers favor the "civilized" settlements.

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According to "Rodeks groups, compared with the fall of 2010, the demand for plots without a contract declined by 11%. "Sales started to fall since last July. Now on a plot for sale without a contract have 2-3 in organized townships "- recognizes Ilya Anurov, CEO RCF Capital Trust. "The demand for plots without a contract point, only the most attractive offer," - says Anton Arkhipov, head of the office "Candlemas" Inkom-real estate ". As a realtor his company sells about 250 "bespodryadnyh" settlements. That is almost half the available market supply (total of 350-450 villages). But even in this half, said Arkhipov, sales are about 30% of the projects, the rest - illiquid.

The average cost of plots without a contract in the economy class (with protection, roads and public areas), as calculated by Julia Severinenko, CEO of Zemaktiva, is 0.9 million rubles. There are a lot cheaper deals, but the "gamy." 10 hundred parts without a contract of 100 km from Moscow Novorizhskoe highway may be offered for 300 000 rubles. But not the fact that the buyer will receive the promised infrastructure, gives the example of Severinenko. Distant lands may be offered and at $ 10 per hundred square meters, Vladimir Yakhontov of Miel-town real estate, but the buyer will have to equip them himself.

According, only 20% of villages without a contract with the sites provided their own infrastructure. Most of the projects appeared on the market after the crisis, are located on the most prestigious areas not far from Moscow, and are intended for temporary / seasonal residence, describe analysts.

Obligation to bring communications developers often given merely in words, so a situation where they have promised and did not, there are now nearly always recognize polled by Vedomosti experts. True, says Anurov, often blame themselves latter-day landowners: someone is paying for the promised communication, someone from the developer hides. But when sales are down, replace that money is nothing. RCF Capital Trust company also had to "move" the terms of construction and promised communications into debt to the bank: "what had not engaged." "The negotiating process was incredibly difficult, the bank gave the money, but only in conjunction with other services. Just credit the land banks unprofitable projects ", - says anuria.

While he can understand customers: country "superekonom" means to acquire the rich. And, having paid a couple of million rubles for 10 acres, people often no longer able to shell out hundreds of thousands more for electricity and gas. "In the Moscow region is less than 250 000 rubles. for gasification is not taken ", - said Alexander Kovalenko, commercial director Uniparx Service. "It happens, and 400,000 rubles. from the area stands to bring the gas, the price is determined by the volume of work - warns Vladimir Yefimov, commercial director of "native land". - For the comfort of the nature will pay dearly, for example, then, to stretch to the house five-kilometer gas pipeline. " In "the Nicholas Lake (village of Business Class of 32 km from Moscow in the Kaluga road), for example, a package of central communications (water, gas, sewerage, electricity) costs $ 30,000.

Connect each kilowatt of electricity is also worth decent money. And the area they need to be at least 10. Cases where the developer is working on "gosrastsenkam, infrequent. But there are. For example, Uniparx Service, financed the construction of a substation at 19 mW, the light brings to the federal program: 15 kW per site cost clients in 7080 rubles.

After summing up the electricity is usually more expensive plots of land up to 10% - said Ilya Sapunov, CEO of beautiful land. " According to him, extensive areas will be replaced by intensive: developers abandon the development of new tracts of land, and will do the following line at the most successful projects. "Villages where the developer builds the only road, and on the network offers customers chip in later, leave in the past," - says Anna Shishkina, marketer of Absolut-Development ".

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