Pleased to extend the moratorium on the gap of investment contracts in residential construction

10.09.2010 04:29
Verkhovna Rada prolonged for one year moratorium on the Termination of a contract of investment in housing construction in the event of postponement of delivery of housing in the operation.

For appropriate changes in the Law of Ukraine N6687 "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On prevention of the global financial crisis on the construction industry and housing "(regarding the extension of measures to support housing construction), voted 274 deputies.

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As the correspondent LigaBusinessInform, in particular, the document stipulates that the prohibition on breaking investment treaties does not apply if the deadlines for housing carried by more than 12 months.

First, the deputies did not support the document, in particular, were the communists opposed the proposals of the committee to establish a ban on breaking of treaties in case the deadline housing carries more than 30 months.

Presiding at the meeting Adam Martyniuk suggested a compromise: "to return to the amendment of Yuri Karmazin, where he says that this prohibition does not apply if a specific date for operation of the facility construction carries more than 18 months from the date of promulgation of this law and instead of 18 months write 18 months. That is a day of promulgation of the law, we are continuing for 1 year then asked what the builders. "

A corresponding draft law BP adopted on second reading in general.

Recall that the Law of Ukraine "On prevention of the global financial crisis on the construction industry and housing was passed in December 2008 and was supposed to support the developers. However, it adopted an anti-crisis law does not work in this wine is not only economic crisis but also political. "We are building all the anybody-but-not profile ministry," - voiced his opinion, executive director of the Ukrainian Construction Association Sergey Grabar.

In defense of its own ministry made the head of the economy and the construction industry Vita Osinskaya. According to her, in 2008, was issued 34 permits for construction in 2009, this figure rose to 40 thousand "This suggests that home building and will build and Minregionstroy active."

B. Osinskaya agreed that the years had been difficult and that the anti-crisis laws did not work fully
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