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09.10.2010 10:40
Articles about real estate | Place for the kitchen In terms of feng shui, the two most important rooms in the house are the bedroom, where we spend about a third of his life, and a kitchen where we prepare food. According to Chinese tradition, the cuisine reflects the kind of family welfare. In many homes, in addition to its primary function, the kitchen becomes the center of communication, and almost all the significant events take place there, especially if it carries out also the role of the dining room on weekdays.

Therefore, the location of the kitchen is very important. Log in to the kitchen should not be placed directly opposite the front door, as in this case it would not be protected from the flow of potentially harmful energy penetrating into the house from the outside. It is impossible to organize the kitchen in front of the house, otherwise people will have an impression that you are only interested in food. In addition, the traditional view, this means that wealth (which represents the food) will be easily lost. Heat from the stove and a variety of substances into the air during cooking, do not have to penetrate into other rooms, so the kitchen should not have doors, adjacent to the bedroom or living room. If these doors are, and replanning is undesirable, keep them tightly closed when in the kitchen preparing the meals, which is located in the center of the house, located very unfavorably, since the kitchen is warm and smells will be distributed through all the rooms. Such an arrangement could eventually lead to quarrels and conflicts within the family.

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Kitchen, located in the rear of the house, usually creates a favorable Feng Shui, because its specific energy are isolated from the living rooms.

Kitchen and dining room should, if possible, as close as possible to each other. Such an arrangement is not only beneficial but also simplifies serving and cleaning tables. And finally, the kitchen should be isolated from the bath and toilet, where an abundance presented food, can be symbolically "washed" with water and blown away.
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