Percentages do not bark, but the house is not allowed

23.09.2010 00:02
Articles about real estate | Percentages do not bark, but the house is not allowed Since ancient times, the most important thing for a man was his refuge, which should be protected from the enemy and warm, pleasing to the eye and give comfort. Humans have changed the cave at the hut, the fortress of the castles, manor sites for apartments in tenement houses. Moreover, humanity instilled this problem and fairy-tale characters: a "communal" living characters "Towers", and here are three funny little pigs were present capitalist private traders. It's just a fairy tale, you might say. But the severe problems that have arisen before in need of housing, does not contribute to the development of imagination. The situation would seem to save the possibility of buying an apartment on credit, but ...
In fact, today in the mortgage loans require about 95 thousand young Ukrainian families, but not everyone can afford the current "affordable" square footage. Such a conclusion could be made by visiting the presentation meeting of banks and developers to finance construction projects real estate and mortgage lending to individuals, which took place on September the seventh terrace of "De-Luxe" in Kiev.

The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of opportunities of banks lending involved in the construction market. Representatives of banks Tavrika "," Eurogasbank, VTB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Kreditprombank, Ukrsotsbank were ready to open dialogue with the construction companies, as well as media representatives. The event was organized Ukrainian Construction Association, whose executive director has told about plans to hold a series of similar meetings that will be a dialogue of banks and construction companies. After all, the priority today is the need to shift the construction industry forward. And for this we first need to understand that hinders the construction to go on the road to recovery and development. The reason for this problem, apparently, once it became clear the audience at the meeting. After all, as expressed by representatives of banks in Ukraine, the average mortgage rate is at 22% per annum. The initial contribution of almost all banks is 50% -70% of the value of the acquired property.

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The situation in neighboring Russia easier. Thus, according to monitoring company Kreditmart, average market rate on the mortgage is 16.27%. The minimum rate loans for second homes is fixed at 12.68% and the maximum - at the level of 19,27%. Banking institutions of the Russian Federation continue to actively restore the partnership program with developers and launch new mortgage products for the implementation of housing from a particular builder.

Ukrainian government still studying the model of state mortgage lending in the primary market in which the state will pay interest on the loan. The model stipulates that the state will pay for a family with two minor children interest on a mortgage to buy an apartment in new building with total area of 100 square meters. m and at a price of 10 thousand UAH with a correction factor for Kiev. Many believe that this will be a great incentive for new housing and opportunities for young families to receive targeted assistance from the state. But whether such support is essential and will determine whether feasible in the near future "sinister" mortgage interest for the material fledgling young family does not undertake to say no.

The meeting also noted that today in the construction market is experiencing a lack of interest of banks in lending to property developers. The main reason for this reluctance has been called the lack of justification of the developers way of repaying the loan, that the stagnation is of great importance. To build in Ukraine has evolved, today it is important to jointly find the opportunities that will restore the interest of banks to finance real estate projects in Ukraine.

At the present time, financial institutions are taken to lend only to those objects that will actually be in demand in the market. And all because some financial institutions dokreditovalis to the fact that the banks created sub-problem loans. That's why as soon as growth in consumer demand can be expected only in the cities of one million people, and so are Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkiv and Lviv. Another region, where in the near future it may change the situation in the construction industry, banking experts as an attractive investment and the southern region, more precisely, the Crimea.

Furthermore, banks realize that now sell square meters will start only at the stage of 75% availability of the object. At the stage of excavation, no one will buy anything. But to reach this stage, it will take an average of four years - from here, then such caution investors and the reluctance to distribute loans, as they say, right and left.

It is not necessary now to expect lending country cottage townships. "The development of housing in the city. Without this low-rise construction, we will not - say bankers. - In general, if we start with the construction companies to speak the same language, we agree. " Bankers, talk, talk and negotiate ... That's just the situation with the construction in Ukraine is also in a "hung" or, if you want a frozen state because of insufficient funding.

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